February 15, 2012

P6 Refelctive Entry

After a week of creating my action plan I can safely say I addressed all three points to some degree.

I havent really had occasion to get angry. I have generally remained passive in most conversations. However, some times I do tend to stop people mid sentence becuase I think theyre going off on some tangent which I should probably prevent myself from doing in order to facilitate coversation. So what I could do better is to be aware of what others are feeling to my behaviour. After all emotional intelligence is about considering all these things and then acting on them.

I used do the second point on the plan before attending the workshop. However, it didnt really revolve around my interactions with other people. More what "I" was doing and how "I" could improve. Thats changed towards a review of particualr incidents and I think it important that I continue to act on this point in my action plan to facilitate a more complete understanding of emortional intellignece by considering the emotions and behaviour of others.

The third point I have actually demonstrated indirectly. A friend with whom I had not met for some time came up to me and proposed we had lunch. During the period we talked on our shotfalls and achievements, life etc. I noticed a distinct lack of concern in him about his self confidence. We went through why and I told him that his on other peoples views on him were wrong, he should be the only one to judge himself etc. So indirectly I was going through the diagram we learnt in workshop. Understand your own emotions inside, how you interact with people, then others emotions and actions. We didnt reallly get to the bit about how we could address all these points. However, hopefully I'll strike up a conversation with one of my friends about the workshop specifically and we can ahve a good chat :D

Tutor: Samantha Tarren

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  1. Samantha Tarren

    Hi Harun
    seems like you’re doing well with your action points. NB re angry – remember the wide range of angry feelings – including the spectrum from mild irritation to agressive, but also sulking, passive aggression, bullying etc (look back over the sheet). Noticing your habit of interrupting people is an interesting awareness – it will be useful to practice the skills of active listening (the last excercise we did in the workshop, in 3s). This will help develop your capacity for empathy (feeling what others may be feeling), which will help with action point 2.
    RE point 3, it its interesting to talk with others and discuss how they manage their emotional intelligence, where their strengths and limitations are and to share about your own.

    Hope you’re enjoying developing your EI and can see how it can benefit you both in your studies and your personal life.
    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    18 Feb 2012, 09:20

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