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March 30, 2012

P10 Final Entry

It has come time for my final entry. I have had some signifciant achievement when it comes to first and second point.

As for the third point I have attended a netwrok session with bloomberg. However, I found that even they seemed to misunderstand the concept and were stating qualitites they seek in candidates. However, those traits are as a result of the persons personality. Pesonally I believe that it was a bit of a fake point because really I need to match my personality to the job not the other way round as then I'll only shoot myself in the foot.

With regards to the second point I believe that I have made the most progres which is ironic as it wasnt about myself; i guess its testimony to my extravert dimension which was also the highest percentage expressed in the online MBTI test i took. I noticed that the friends I made were opposite to me in terms of their MBTI roughly as I cant really get them to take the test as they all seem to have short attetnion spans. They aslo were ambivlaent about their type. However, I did learn a lot about who thought what about each dimension and of others

The first point I think I have also fufilled I took an online test. I was slightly expressed in all the dimensions i noticed (which I believe is correct as seen form my previous entries about not leaning toards either side tooo much). As for the dimensions themselves, extravert, sensing, thinking and judging. I believe that is me and I am more importantly happy with it and only because I said so and that is why.

For future improvement I believe that I will carry on with my intention of having these conversations with close friends and family. It should make for some interesting and stimulating talk. As for the career thing in point 3 I should have actually written that in future before clicking the send button on an application I'll stand back and think to myself what is it that the company is looking for and how do I fit in as a person with a specific personality. Should make for some serious life reflection.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and hope to continue my knowledge of the area.

Harun Ahasan

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