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February 22, 2012

P6 Reflective Entry

After another week on deciding on what to write for this entry heres what I have come up with

In terms of angry I think I probably need to address that a little more as I havent really found out a way to decide on what particular part of it I am experiencing (irritation, at others inability to anwser questions). However, I think that regular use of action point 2 is the best thing because I'm quite good at doing it and often did before the workshop though spontaneously without realizing (which ususally resulted in guilt). I took acton point 3 a little further and was having a discussion with someone about it and invited him to the wrokshop. He seems to be slightly more aware fo his emotions but he loses this when a particualr weak point of his comes up and then he reseorts back to the same rut. I think that will result in interesting converstaion and at some point he'll actually open up. I hope your not considering i'm doing this just for my own purposes I intend to give him my solid support never the less

Tutor: Samantha Tarren

P9 Final Entry

Having completed the workshop and commented on my progress I have come to the end and my final entry.

I have addressed all three action plans to some degree; I'm not gonna lie and say I'm now perfectly aware of what I want to do and that its the most amzing thing but I have addressed my career through the lense of my current skills and what my aspirations are.

1. I have gone back over myself and what skill set i posess. Where it comes from (work, study, social). I still found a lesser achievement in social. As well as that I found that what I looked for from my career was a stable high wage job (theyre hard to come by the way, ive got my work cut out), satisfaction, sense of belonging (at a company level and in my team), oppurtinities abroad et.

2. I've broadened my repertoire of knowledge of commercial awareness by picking up the Financial Times and on occasion The Economist because I find them to be different views on similair topics but they allow me to see things better and so I know another perspective

3. Also as i said in 1 I found my achievement in social was somewhat lacking still. I went to netwrok with Bloomberg employees at the SU atrium about 2 days and found it very beneficial. It gave me an insight to culture of company and skills they look for; basically working on what I was bad at.

In terms of impprovement for 3. I intend to continue attending more networking sessions thus improving on my attainment of skills through socialising. For 2 Ive basically explained. However, I think come October (hopefully if im still here) I'll subscribe to The Financial TImes who have good offers for Economics students which I can also receive; especially as I will require that knowledge when applying to internships.

Tutor: Siobhan Qadir

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