December 17, 2016


Die Kundgebung – demonstration

Gelitten – suffered

Der Ruck – lurch/jerk (in a political direction)

Die Zumutung – disgrace

Für etwas einstehen – to vouch for something

Zuversichtlich – confident

Aussetzen – to suspend

Jdm etwas verwehren – to deny sb from something

Vorgesehen – designated

Bescheinigen – to certify

Die Anweisung – briefing or instruction

Die Filiale – branch

Entgegenhalten – to counter

Die Zäsur – ceasura

Der Riss – crack

Der Hass – hate

Der Schiessbefehl – firing order

Der Konsens – consensus

December 16, 2016

Ihr hasst uns doch alle

Writing about web page

Jana Hensel discusses the prejudices that are rising about the east due to the refugee crisis and its connection with pegida. Again the East and West and becoming divided and this fact is hypocritical within itself in the urge to make Germany a modern and pluralistic land.

Fuel for the Fire

Writing about web page

An article about the sexual attacks which occured in on New Year's Eve 2015. The link between these events and the incresingly intolerant attitudes towards mass immigration is a topic with lots of potential for discussion, especially considering that all of the attacks took place in West Germany. Further to this the topics of assimilation and integration can be debated in response.

Another Conflict of Opinion

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The topic of the refugee status/situation in Germany has sparked many debates and the majority of these debates root back to the fundamental issue of integration. In this article Bruecker argues that refugees should be adequately educated so that they are able to break free of the confines of the low earning wage bracket. As well as looking at this from an economical stance, I feel it is interesting to consider this from a social perspective. Once refugees are given a chance to climb the financal ladder then they will break free from the stereotypes which are so strongly regimented in society and it is with the emancipated individial that the most effective integration takes place.


Writing about web page

This article written in 2015 looks at the debate about whether refugee children should be educated regardless of their status in Germany. It touches on what was a heated debate and has divided regions in their decisions. The underlying frustration or hostility towards refugees and their human rights seems to be an increasing problem which has been prevalent throughout the whole crisis.

Endless coverage

Writing about web page

There is so much variety in the material available regarding the refugee situation in Germany. It is a challenge to process such a wide range of stories and facts and summarise the situation. This has lead me to the conclusion that in my essay I will equally weight my personal experiences and those I have informed myself about as I believe that there is no risk of being artificial when you are experiencing something first hand.

December 13, 2016

German refugee situation influenced the politics of the world

Writing about web page

A very interesting short article written at the beginning of 2016 connecting the Paris attacks and the incident in Cologne with BREXIT decisions.

Get Your Facts Right

Writing about web page

An animation explaining the Refugee crisis worldwide and specifically in Germany from the start of 2015. The different pie charts and graphs provide a simple way of accessing the demographics of refugees.

December 06, 2016

Hearing it from the Top

Writing about web page

This interview is an honest reflection of the current situation in Dresden and how it is trying to be resolved. The most interesting thing for me is the comparison between the behaviour of the PEGIDA demonstraters and the rest of the world, and the power of right wing popularism.

Visualising the Refugee Situation in Germany

Writing about web page

The power of visual representation should never be underestimated. Nothing could epitomise both the national and regional attitides towards the refugee situation in Germany more effectively than this image. Living in Dresden, the east of Germany and the home of PEGIDA, I am of the opinion that an essay from my perspective towards the refugee situation is particularly interesting. In the few months that I have spent here, I can definitely say that my experiences are in correlation with this graphic. Looks like the West is in the lead once again, in very many different perspectives...

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