November 20, 2010

Core Skills Workshop

I attended the Core skills workshop and I have made some action points

I learnt about how to reflect on my activities/readings. This was helpful as it would help me make more use of the material learnt and seek more learning areas.

I learnt about my preferred learning style. I thought I was an Activist, but I have found that I am more of a Theorist and Pragmatist. I would like to develop more of my activist and reflector skills.

To develop my reflector skills, I will read about a topic before coming for a seminar or presentation and have two questions to ask.

I will do this within 3 weeks of the workshop.

For the Activist skills: I will do more talking than listening at meetings.

To develop my personal skills: I am not good at following up on my contacts. I propose to follow up at least two network contacts after conference in December. I will call them and keep in touch for at least once a fortnight for at least 6 months.

I also plan to attend the workshop on Commercial awareness and Time management.

I found that most of us form non Caucasian countries at the workshop were poor as activist and I wondered why this is so? I would like to find out more about this but I am not sure how to do it at this point.

Summary of action points;

  1. Prepare for a departmental seminar and ask two questions during the meeting
  2. Follow up 2 contacts from my December conference -every fortnight for 6 months
  3. Will do the questionnaire on http//
  4. I will do more talking than listening at meetings in the next month.

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