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December 21, 2005

wahey, overhaul!

peace up to the blog people, that front page is sexy. time to discuss my own overhaul!

i am exercising for 30 minutes every day (by power walking for two miles), i am eating little meat and lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, soups and salads. thanks to this effort (and the complete lack of any chocolate in my life – KILLING ME) i have lost five pounds while also increasing my muscle mass, so my belly doesn't wobble as much as i t once did, and generally i feel great.

whether or not i can keep this up once i'm back in the hellpit of university is another matter. :(

i'm looking forward to christmas. my body's tired, it says: slow down for a minute. i've hardly stopped since the movie, always arriving somewhere a day before i start doing something (the film, uni, work, then uni again in jan) and always playing catch up. doesn't look like it'll relent for months, as well. garg.

on that garg, i'm going to go and have a bath and maybe watch a film. yes.

PS good going, kids! the nizlopi single is number one! but but but – keep pestering everyone you know to keep the X factor loser – sorry! winner – off the top spot, because you know those lovely leamington boys deserve it more. yeah!

December 13, 2005

It's that time! Do your bit!

buy the nizlopi single!

that is all. whee!

November 25, 2005

nizlopi: only with a JCB and bruce lee's nunchukas

Writing about web page

so! i don't often ask much of you. click the link above. read my words. then, follow those links and save christmas. SAVE CHRISTMAS, WON'T YOU? think of the children who are just conscious of what christmas number one is and means. do you want to give them G4, or some x factor airbrushed trollop? no. you want to give them NIZLOPI.

in other news, skills are large and in effect, hangover fair to mild, work not done, mind not whole, feet cold, fact exploding with redness, general outlook average.

so, if you want to change my world from average to good, bring your precious four pounds to the shop and buy that single. for my wellbeing, and for the kids.

edit: oh yeah, and if you like the song, blog about it and track me back. we can use warwick blogs' google power to spread the love, too. technology!

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