March 31, 2006


i'm off to barcelona


i'm wearing a new ring, which is really a very old ring: my great-aunt's wedding ring. makes me wonder, did she ever think someone else would be wearing it, dancing around to madonna in their kitchen with their sister while making enchiladas?

it's not something you think about your own wedding ring, i suppose.

vroom! up at 4am for the flight – wish me luck. :(

March 23, 2006

i'm working

sssh, it's going alright.

wish printing wasn't so expensive.


March 14, 2006

it's my birthday tomorrow

so all you peeps who are still around, come and check out the birthday…ness.

we are having a beer at mine and then going out and about in leaming-town.

come, come aboard the love train!

March 12, 2006




just spent about half an hour – a bit more, maybe – hugging and kissing and chatting and picturing with the MIGHTY BOOSH.

ALL OF THEM (except mike).

so yeah, i'm in love.

<3 julian barratt is so tall.

pictures to come, you filthy little bitches!

the photo upload system here is pants. come, come all to my flickr page! check me out!

March 07, 2006

Cov vs Leam?

Writing about Leamington vs. Coventry. It's still about class. from Schreibfaul in Warwick

Hold the phone! A Coventry-born, Earlsdon dwelling (2nd Year), currently Leamington-based Warwick Student reporting for duty!

Let me tot up the scores.

There are two reasons I go to the Parade: Fopp and Ben's Cookies. The pub behind my house (Hector's) is awesome. I like Wilde's and Cafe Rouge for dinner, sometimes.

I hardly go out in Leam at all – it simply does not interest me to do so. The road I live on isn't big enough for two cars to pass due to heavy resident parking. My road was also featured on the front page of the Courier for weeks as a scene of contention between Leam residents and Students (not us specifically, and our neighbours are fine apart from the CONSTANT DIY! EXACTLY HOW MANY HOLES DO YOU NEED IN YOUR WALL OR ARE YOU PLANNING ON BREAKING THROUGH TO WATCH FREEVIEW AT OURS- oh, excuse me). There are no cashpoints close enough that I can get cash and go to Hector's without freezing for 30 minutes. The Apollo is a shitty cinema where I am never disappointed in my expectation of a projection or sound fault and everything is deadly expensive.

In Coventry I was three minutes' walk from the Odeon and an all-you-can-eat Chinese place which far outstripped the Oriental Star (for the record, I now go to Showcase Cinemas for all my cinema needs; it's cheaper than Apollo and Odeon and usually has a better selection of both movies and confections, inclusing Apple Tango). The shopping is ace. I was equally close to a pub which was not as cool as Hector's, but – if memory serves – cheaper. I spent roughly half as much money on petrol and half the time in the car, even during rush hour. I could walk to Memorial Park. I was also closer to my considerable extended family in Cov. My bedroom was easily twice the size of my current one, had its own staircase and for less rent to boot.

However, I was a little isolated from other people on my course (other than Pete and Big Tom, I don't see any of them coming round to borrow a cup of sugar now)... and… er. Nope, that's it. I just lived in a different city to most people I knew. I suppose it was a drawback when we were going out in Leam (to events like Blackout and Film socials), but other than occasionally going to the pub or La Supercool Discotheque, I don't go out much around here.

So, I'm glad I've experienced both places. Where would I rather live? Ha – "Winchester" Yes, it was number five in the first Crap Towns book (it dropped to 21), but it's like Leam with less chavs, and it's close to Southampton which is like Cov but with better shops. Winchester has a lot to recommend itself. It's beautiful, I live within ten minutes walk of the city centre and my job, it's green, it has a Cathedral (featuring Jane Austen's bones), a two-screen cinema converted from an old church which is acheingly plush… God, wish I was there.

It's like they say: no place like home.

Media Node

I'm sitting here with four tabs open in Firefox, a couple of chats going, my phone just went – and I wonder for a moment: how did students procrastinate before mobiles and internet access?

I think I would probably drink more and spend a considerably larger amount of time having sex. Four of five hours a day online equates to a lot more shags on a daily basis. Hm.

Maybe I'd even work.

… chortle.

March 05, 2006

Manifesto: or, How To Save The Union


How are you? I hope you are having a nice Sunday morning, or any day you happen to read this.

I went to Metropolis last night. It was entertaining. I had a good time, although I was tired and didn't feel like dancing much. I enjoyed Guns N Roses and The Clone Doors, they were both rocking with a heavy portion of the good.

Now, something occurred to me when I was leaving. As I passed through the Martetplace, a LOT of people (more than I've seen at Top B at an equivalent time) were dancing and singing along at the top of their lungs to a Lion King megamix.

This got me thinking.

See, the problem with a lot of union events is that people are simply bored of them. I'm aware that people will eventually get bored of anything, but the key notion here is change.

Why insist on the same old dreary themes? We have a rock night, an RnB night, all sorts of different nights which cater to niche audiences. Excellent stuff.

What we need are themed nights which don't necessarily depend on muscial genres.

For example, and I'm spitballing here, take the upcoming September-December term. Ten weeks, ten Saturdays. How do you feel about this:


Based on the apparent success of Metropolis, it's clear that people enjoy hearing music from movies. The wonderful thing about movies is, they're a ripe ground for picking any kind of music, and most of it will be familiar without necessarily having been played to death. Kick the night off at nine with singalongs from old, classic musicals, work your way into 90s film soundtracks via things like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Grease, Disney, Bond themes, and really get people going with Tarantino, Blues Brothers – fill in your favourites here.

So, say that happens every other week. Would you go? I fucking would.

And in the alternate weeks?

Thing is, the union haven't really thought about what people think is cool. We all know what's cool:


(I'm allowing a week for the Halloween Ball there, but it's entirely possible to make that week Zombies and stick something else in there – Gangsters, maybe.)

So, roll up in costume for prizes, get down to chart pop/rock/RnB/whatever, and run amock in the Union while dressed as Captain Jack. Pirates get A Pirates Life for Me, Ninjas get Battle Without Honour or Humanity, Zombies get Don't Stop Me Now (think Shaun of the Dead) and Robots get Intergalactic. At the end of the term, the attendance is totted up and the winning, er, creature is given a one-off night every term that year. Then, looking at the numbers, possibly repeat the process.

See what I mean? It's not hard. Creativity, variety and fun – that's what we want. Throw in a couple of drinks promotions and wham – there it is. That Pandora's Box is already open, thankfully.

People drink in halls because alcohol's cheap and they're lazy: the thought process involves 'What am I going to miss in the union if I stay here and get whazzed,' and the answer is usually: nothing.

But how many times do you get the opportunity to dress like a Pirate and dance to have loud music with a load of your friends in a large space?

(Minus 50 if you're actually a pirate.)

Tell me what you think. Tell me you couldn't come up with two, three, four events of equal viability in half an hour. Maybe, somehow, we can make the union listen – and have a good time next term.

February 18, 2006

we made a chicken

Follow-up to world viewable entry..? from Tilting At Windmills

we made a chicken! his name is squeeks! harvest moon will fuck me up.

two chickens made ANOTHER chicken. MIRACLE of nature.


world viewable entry..?

a door on the great wall of china?

jodie marsh's mimsy?

nay! a blog from me, your resident, snuffling, partially pierced and dodgily dyed blogstress. word.

looking over old blogs of times past, we've really let standards slip around here. or maybe it's just me. i used to look forward to blogging, now i only read two or three people on my favourites list (haha, figure it out yourselves… i'm making INTERNET DRAMA) and the rest have fallen to the wayside, crippled by their own content.

make it SNAPPY. make it FUNNY. make it NOW, ZAP and POW.

make it.

i made it today: a cold beating combination of honey, jif lemon and chambord which i sip with heart and say, ha! beechams! you lack the critical ingredient: GOTH JUICE.

now i await the arrival of my dinner, and sneeze, and wonder how many pints of mucus a person can produce in 24 hours. also i bite my various appendages with harvest moon withdrawal and wonder – how is it i am come to this, wanting little more than to feed, brush and buzzle my gamecube cow?


February 13, 2006

are you playing your love games with me?

it's no damn use, i'll have to see the mighty boosh again.

front row and centre!

now, i'm the kind of girl who wants to see more live performance than she does. money is generally the prohibiting factor. however, i need to watch myself – because every time i go to see comedy (and to a lesser extent, theatre) i get hot and bothered over one of the performers. it just happens. i fall in love with the glamour, or the sweat, or the corpsing.

julian aka howard moon gave the front row a good hard looking at yesterday, and i swear every twinkly-eyed second of that stare made me blush. lame! most other girls were giggling over noel aka vince noir, rock and roll star, but while i'd quite like to get drunk with the man, i can't possibly explain what i'd like to do to julian.

i caught a paper plane.

ooh, my ears are going red even talking about it. whee!

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