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December 24, 2005

just –

merry christmas. try to be nicer to people. give a little before you take. smile. don't punish yourself, or your liver. sleep well. eat little and often. spend money wisely, be nice to shop assistants. tip your waitron. take baths, read books, light candles. respect others. wear hats. say something nice to your parents. hug someone you wouldn't usually hug. don't belittle children.

just – make it better. make everything better. think about someone other than yourself. try to make sense and be honest.

spread the love without spoiling things.

be good.


December 21, 2005

wahey, overhaul!

peace up to the blog people, that front page is sexy. time to discuss my own overhaul!

i am exercising for 30 minutes every day (by power walking for two miles), i am eating little meat and lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, soups and salads. thanks to this effort (and the complete lack of any chocolate in my life – KILLING ME) i have lost five pounds while also increasing my muscle mass, so my belly doesn't wobble as much as i t once did, and generally i feel great.

whether or not i can keep this up once i'm back in the hellpit of university is another matter. :(

i'm looking forward to christmas. my body's tired, it says: slow down for a minute. i've hardly stopped since the movie, always arriving somewhere a day before i start doing something (the film, uni, work, then uni again in jan) and always playing catch up. doesn't look like it'll relent for months, as well. garg.

on that garg, i'm going to go and have a bath and maybe watch a film. yes.

PS good going, kids! the nizlopi single is number one! but but but – keep pestering everyone you know to keep the X factor loser – sorry! winner – off the top spot, because you know those lovely leamington boys deserve it more. yeah!

December 13, 2005

It's that time! Do your bit!

buy the nizlopi single!

that is all. whee!

December 11, 2005

sigh of watery wintery eyes

why does everything, at its core, really suck? why does alcohol seem to be a necessary ingredient for removal or at least concealment of this suckage?

people: they suck. they lie, get the wrong idea, act stupidly and are hurtful. places: campus, for example, sucks. it's expensive to get there and it's grey.

why do i bust my butt to get to university every day and try to keep up with the work when others can let attendance and preparation slide and not be admonished for it? there are a handful of people on the course whose attendance (or lack thereof) is laughable and yet little is being done. ::sigh::

the above is how i feel when i return home after ten weeks of student bullshit, drama, complaining, the sodding boar, not going out, getting depressed, overeating, thinking i'm boring and basically hating everyone, mainly myself.

and when i get home? the lights twinkle, the days sink cold air into my lungs and crack me open, my eyes sparkle, i eat greenly and walk everywhere, there are pubs and pints and bubbles and rosy cheeks, my old job is perfect as can be, i'm smiling and satisfied, paid and pampered, buying gifts and sharing the love.

i don't want to go back to university. i mean this more seriously than i usually do. leamington is fine, but really, i want a job and a life and a house of my own with everything decorated and a warm bathroom.


i'll just bask in the glory of winchester, old friends and good times. you may have to rip me out of my bed once january comes.

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