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June 30, 2005

times a–passing

it's been a good few weeks, which will always seem better in my head than written out on blog. needless to say, there was vimto and cookie mess, results [not bad at all, considering this and that and the horrible other], coughing [what's wrong with my lungs? and don't tell me 'nothing that a visit to the asthma nurse won't fix' because i'm breeding a healthy phobia of the doctor's since they decided to send me frequent and insistent letters begging me to come in so they can put things in my fanny], dancing, driving shoeless and glastonbury [which involved little floating, but lots of frightening thunder and soaking clothes, falafel, crepes, fire, lots and lots and lots of cider, a dose of nizlopi and a grand old time].

and now, it's the end of the earlsdon chapter. we're leaving the house tomorrow. i have my priorities right; my computer is pretty much the last thing i'm packing. anyone want two years' worth of film notes, complete with humorous annotations and doodles? going cheap!

June 19, 2005

if you know how to run

this weekend has entertained me, despite [the heat's driving me mad – is that spelled right?] injuring myself in the union – not wearing gripless flip-flops there again – and some things fizzling out. i feel buoyant, if too hot. horrible feeling to be sticky in one's own skin, but hey, i'm feeling confident about the skin itself. sunblock on, sultry weather cannot stop me – i am modelling myself on something from a russ meyer movie and if i only appeal to r crumb then so be it, but flesh is good right now. [so hot right now.]

bad taste party [look out for photos of me as an unfit mother being beaten up by assorted ASBO candidates] was great, decorations stunning and poster art suitably offensive. first BBQ ended up being a RaW all-in football match in which the spectators were taken off for injuries, and then a sweaty boogie nights in which the knee injury was sustained. i hate falling over.

today another BBQ in togas [red!] with succulent chicken and the most excellent bayou crayfish eaten out of polystyrene cups. then, the quiz, where the curse of fourth place struck again [mr carter, i expect better of you in the music round!] and general good times.

tomorrow, more of the same. i'll be using my newfound DJ schmoozing power to make myself look cool and shaking my meyer-seal-of-approval booty.

yes indeed.

June 16, 2005

the bubble boy

the bubble boy? the bubble boy! jesus, i've been watching a lot of seinfeld – and roughly a tenth of the amount of seinfeld adrienne's beeing watching has been with me, so we all know what patterns her conversations are taking at the moment. ever done that, when you watch something obsessively and then start talking like you're in it? we're doing that. in fact, i'm doing it right now.

my last essay has reaffirmed why i'm doing my degree. finally. i want to be doing this, now. if my exam marks are bad, i don't care – i've proved i can do well when i put my mind to it. that's all i wanted.

my eyes are red and runny.

things are generally good.

June 13, 2005

breaking news, breaking news

hey, i'm going to scoop the blogs now. thanks to rolling news coverage courtesy of BBC news 24 and the internet, i bring the outcome of the michael jackson trial:

innocent as fuck.

not guilty conspiracy
not guilty lewd act x 4
not guilty of attempting lewd act
not guilty of administering intoxicating substance
not guilty of providing alcohol to someone under 21
not guilty of administering intoxicating substance
not guilty of alcohol to under 21s
not guilty "
not guilty "

jesus, this just keeps going…

not guilty!

100% scot free. damn. let the debate begin!

oh yeah, jordan has had a boy. hurrah. at least she's not a semi-naked pregnant woman anymore.

June 12, 2005

supreme student kancho attack! 90% damage!

the act of kancho is a sacred japanese tradition. its origins are lost in the mists of oldest time, but japanese historians can pinpoint the earliest reference to the ancient tales of naturo.

basically, you go up to someone in your chosen style, and suddenly and forcibly insert your finger in their asshole while shouting kancho.

i was kancho'd bad in the union yesterday, being as i was wearing a skirt and no underwear; i believe the assailant may have penetrated sphincter. however, my revenge will be sweet. stay tuned, kancho fans. ninja kancho strike!

June 10, 2005

a brief but convincing reason to read mcsweeney's

this is great.

mc sweeney's is great.

did i tell you the one about…

… the day everyone in my house got sick?


rachel is all nosebleeds and puke, adrienne is all red hot pulshing sinuses, either my heyfever is through the roof or i have the worst throat/eye problem i've had in years and rick has somewhat hit the germ-jackpot with a suspected case of mumps.


listen to my show! it starts at ten!

June 05, 2005

enjoy a bit of this.

this is quite clever. google is an oracle, which is able to tell us anything. simply write something to prompt it, and google's first results feature will generate a sentence in answer. if you get anything amusing, do tell me.

Google talk
Google Hack
Douwe Osinga

in other news, failure is imminent, along with death.

June 03, 2005

he League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse

Writing about web page

4 out of 5 stars

This film, though confusing and convoluted, is a foaming-at-the-mouth fanperson's dream. The narrative – a sodden mess of characters old and new – is delicious, full of crossovers between [wait for it] dreams, 'our' reality, royston vasey and sixteenth century england. Characters meet creators (some finding each other ::shudder:: sexually attractive), creators bite the dust and we finally see Jeremy Dyson… sort of. Watch out for references to The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut, Jason and the Argonauts and god knows how many other films, and fantastic cameos from Peter Kay and Simon Pegg.

Have you seen me?

You should (Dave).

June 02, 2005

this is something you have to drink

seriously. this stuff is the BALLS. it's full of caffeine and colouring, it turns your mouth, and eventually your boom-boom [poop] blue. it's got cool things written on the bottle and collectable caps, and bacisally it's the best thing ever. buy it here.

in other news, i am sick as a dog. goddamnit. no revision today [well, not much] and no sleep tonight. urh. i need brainwash!

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