May 03, 2006

warwick blogs depresses me.

there, i said it.

in other news, tom returns from russia bringing vodka (some: triple distilled liquid platinum that i imagine tastes a little like the tears of the most royal of swans, and the other… well, lime–grass or whatever it's supposed to be tastes a lot of the latter and barely a smidge of the former. experiment with flavours, though! it's the only way to fly!). also, tom brings cheap DVDs and a singing cheburashka, which is my new love. he is holding an orange!

hm, what else. the last boosh show was electric and the people i'm meeting through the fan community are awesome. when i begin my Media Stuff next year, they're the people i'm going to be laughin' with, chattin' with and pumpin' for backstage tickets. woop.

also, and most importantly, come the reckless moment. it's an ace new comedy night run by my good buddies monte pindik and tom 'possibly son of john' hughes. the last two have been stormin', and it's totally worth the mere pound entry fee. come one, come all: robbin's well, mondays, 9pm start, 8pm doors.


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  1. Adam Westbrook

    Ahhh, cheburashka! He supported The Eels when I saw them in Nottingham last year. Seriously.

    04 May 2006, 09:44

  2. yeah, that's how i heard of the cartoon. :) that was an amazing tour. plus, well, cheburashka's awesome.

    04 May 2006, 13:56

  3. That reminds me of childhood. Having had one in Russia that makes sense

    05 May 2006, 08:18

  4. yeah, i thought you might know cheburashka. :D

    05 May 2006, 15:20

  5. Hannah Flynn as well

    It's so weird to look at this journal, 'cause my name's Hannah Flynn as well o_o

    12 May 2006, 04:57

  6. Hannah Flynn

    Ooh, my name’s Hannah Flynn aswell aswell

    24 Jan 2007, 19:45


    to add to confusion.. im a 3rd hannah flynn! how strange….

    07 Nov 2007, 20:11

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