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January 30, 2006

ebay voyeurism

i'm watching an auction end on ebay.

two mighty boosh tickets are currently going for £74.

the pair i bought months ago cost me £35. i'm just interested to know how much these people will pay for a sure thing, when most likely turning up on the night would yield a normal-price pair of tickets that have been returned at short notice (like my ben folds tickets, which were actually pretty good seats).


i got up early with every intention of going to uni – i even froze my arse off in the shower – to realise that my services were needed elsewhere. so now i'm sitting here, not doing anything much, waiting to be called on to ferry people to and from my grandfather's hospital room.

and i don't know if i even want to go there again.


i should be reading, or doing something, but i managed to get dressed and make lunch, isn't that enough? i'm slightly uncomfortable even moving, even breathing and living and walking, because.

because. this is getting a little heavy for warwick blogs, isn't it?

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