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February 26, 2005

A Successful and Exciting Session (with photographic evidence)

As blogged by others, I feel that Friday's session was very productive and thrilling. Although I kept pretty quiet, I found the ideas buzzing and gliding round the studio most wonderful.

I have recently been told that everyone will be wearing masks now, great initiative but we might need a little mask making help. Diddams and I will be running a papier-mache day on Sunday, so come along and be useful either in B Block ground floor kitchen or Whitefields 9 from about midday onwards.

Sorry the pictures are so blurry, but everyone was so animated it was hard to get a clear image.

February 25, 2005

Stage Plan

This is for everyone in our group, especially the people who couldn't be there on friday (hope it helps).

February 24, 2005



We have spent our second Thursday of this project covered in wallpaper paste and hundreds of little ripped up pieces of newspaper. Our –currently– embryonic papier maché masks are hanging somewhere in Rootes like little redundant foetuses in a laboratory.

We’ve been researching classical Greek tragedy masks. We like their simplicity and the anonymity that they allow the performer.

Personally, however, I am more drawn to the beauty and vibrancy of Balinese masks. Basically, I just love them. I feel that a modern performance can benefit more from a more colourful mask style. The masks of Ancient Greece had practical uses (for being seen by thousands of people in enormous theatrons) as well as the symbolism which a modern audience can appreciate. We, however, don’t have the problem of enormous audiences and can therefore play around with colour and style. I want to make our performance as visually stimulating as possible; I hope to create a series of wonderful and wondrous moments that stimulate the audience’s senses – through sight and sound in particular.

My suggestion would be to remove the masks at some point in the performance to reveal intricate designs on our faces, lovely patterns and vibrant colours compared to the simplistic white masks. Don't know what this symbolises but I think it would look cool as hell.

February 23, 2005


Writing about web page

Deloitte are providing the Warwick Student Cinema a free film night, all we have to do is vote for what film it is that we want to watch.

I am urging you to vote for Y Tu Mama Tambien- an amazing Mexican film about sex, friendship and youth. It is beautiful and funny. More importantly, it is not on DC++ and I want to see it on the big screen.

Come on, if you love jokes about 'your mum' then this is a film you should vote for and then watch. If you love stunningly and achingly beautiful cinematography, the same applies.

The other films are really good, Raging Bull, Donnie Darko, Apocalypse Now - canonised classics - but Y Tu... is a chance for something a bit different!

Viva la voting.

please vote

February 16, 2005

Where is Jochen's chocolate?

Time of incident: between 1800 hours Tuesday 15th and 1200 hours Wednesday 16th February.

Last seen:

I blame John Nash, Game Theory and, in particular, Nash's Equilibrium (which became the organizing concept under Game Theory – even though the concept actually stretched as far back as Cournot)

February 11, 2005

We Were Up All Night

As promised (weeks ago) here are a few images and memories of the night that Rothelite became a verb.
Apologies for the blurriness of these photos.

Aubergines scare the life out of Helen.

It was a strange and fun night that lasted until morning. I was rothelited at around 2 a.m., others were acquired soon after me. What started as a film viewing ended as a sober and vomitous insomniac nightmare, intermingled with ironing-board covers and saying the word rrhhhhyyyyssssss. This photograph is, for me, symbolic of that odd, odd Thursday.

I also like these facial expressions, they are a bit poignant.

February 04, 2005

Richard Jephcote likes to watch.

Richard Jephcote likes to watch.

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