February 11, 2005

We Were Up All Night

As promised (weeks ago) here are a few images and memories of the night that Rothelite became a verb.
Apologies for the blurriness of these photos.

Aubergines scare the life out of Helen.

It was a strange and fun night that lasted until morning. I was rothelited at around 2 a.m., others were acquired soon after me. What started as a film viewing ended as a sober and vomitous insomniac nightmare, intermingled with ironing-board covers and saying the word rrhhhhyyyyssssss. This photograph is, for me, symbolic of that odd, odd Thursday.

I also like these facial expressions, they are a bit poignant.

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  1. Sam Brassington

    May i suggest listening to Up All Night whilst viewing this entry? If i cant, let me know and ill remove this comment!

    Thanks for all your suport warwick blogs in allowing this type of communication to continue….the chief, who i have forgotten the name of, although i do recall he was bald…Mr O' Toole…is doing a sterling job!!

    11 Feb 2005, 12:21

  2. For those who are interested I never got round to cooking the parsnips and they started sprouting in my cupboard. Those willing to make a pilgrimage should stand outside the F block kitchen windows, the final resting place of the parsnips and hopefully the beginning of my vegetable patch.

    11 Feb 2005, 14:46

  3. I'm disappointed with the lack of pictures of me in this entry. And the stunning biased towards the Welsh Gav'na

    14 Feb 2005, 20:07

  4. You want more pics? Prob of yourself James Lee Rothwell, ok, so you and your fans can go here link and get off on that shit.

    15 Feb 2005, 19:47

  5. Rothelite may well complain!

    Despite laundering my significant contributions….apple pies, ironing board covers anyone?...there aint a single image of yours truely, and integral cog in the Up All Night event – particularly the crucial stage of the game between hours of 7 and 9 where i managed to make Sam really sick by my motherly, irresponsible nagging, cupping an aubergine with glee, watching the sunrise on a freezing balcony with owen wanting to piss off the roof and amusing the rootes social staff to the point where there were ready to breathalyse and eject us.
    You can erase photos but you can never erase memories…..emotional, euporic, tear stained memories

    at this point i'd like to say my favourite moment was BingBongTheRothelite

    Gethin?>tuttut…he fell asleep, yet is heralded above true american heroes like ricardowooahhh and the bravest of them all….Rhys who let not draw, vomit, absinthe or our inability to finsih off A FUCKING GAME OF POOL get in his way. Rhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyysssssssssss, you wore your red fleece rhhhhyyyysssssssss

    and the immortal words…......._dude where are you?dude where are you?dude dude where are you?

    16 Feb 2005, 18:32

  6. Yes.

    16 Feb 2005, 19:02

  7. Jack, dude, you are right. I have added you and Owen to my list of poignant facial expressions.

    16 Feb 2005, 21:07

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