February 24, 2005



We have spent our second Thursday of this project covered in wallpaper paste and hundreds of little ripped up pieces of newspaper. Our –currently– embryonic papier maché masks are hanging somewhere in Rootes like little redundant foetuses in a laboratory.

We’ve been researching classical Greek tragedy masks. We like their simplicity and the anonymity that they allow the performer.

Personally, however, I am more drawn to the beauty and vibrancy of Balinese masks. Basically, I just love them. I feel that a modern performance can benefit more from a more colourful mask style. The masks of Ancient Greece had practical uses (for being seen by thousands of people in enormous theatrons) as well as the symbolism which a modern audience can appreciate. We, however, don’t have the problem of enormous audiences and can therefore play around with colour and style. I want to make our performance as visually stimulating as possible; I hope to create a series of wonderful and wondrous moments that stimulate the audience’s senses – through sight and sound in particular.

My suggestion would be to remove the masks at some point in the performance to reveal intricate designs on our faces, lovely patterns and vibrant colours compared to the simplistic white masks. Don't know what this symbolises but I think it would look cool as hell.

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  1. Is everyone of us having a mask?

    24 Feb 2005, 16:34

  2. guohui zhang, are you a part of our play?

    24 Feb 2005, 16:43

  3. I would love to be in a play, acting as someone else…
    Unfortunately, I am not in your play, Hannah. I put it there as a philosophical Q.

    24 Feb 2005, 16:56

  4. masks r goooooooooood

    24 Feb 2005, 17:53

  5. the four members of the chorus will wear masks

    24 Feb 2005, 17:59

  6. EVERYONE HAS A MASK!!! (except mr jason and miss medea…whom ever they are)
    This is Funking good work,

    27 Feb 2005, 14:55

  7. We have now completed 12 masks, that is to say, they have had their 2 layers of papier mache and are ready to be cut up and painted. There are 6 with one layer done. WE NEED HELP. How many masks are we making? Who will be on stage?

    27 Feb 2005, 19:50

  8. Jack

    well we need to discuss it but i guess itd be cool if everyone..cept one boy one girl….had a mask, on stage if only for decorative, technical purposes aside from chorus…

    btw, face paint? fuck yeh – whose up for it?

    27 Feb 2005, 23:28

  9. Mmm, I love masks and I love face paint. I'm trying to subvert the "other team" to go for it as well. I got a whole section on kabuki makeup in my blog that I'm trying to advertise. If you like the sort of simplicity of Greek masks, check out the Japanese Noh masks, they have an amazing ghostly etheral quality to them. If the Balinese Hindu demons are more your scene, check out Kathakali masks and makeup. And Thai masks – they have amazing headgear extensions. Basically I could go on for ages, so I'll stop.

    01 Mar 2005, 22:02

  10. Annisa, you mask-whore, check out my mask research...
    If you make it to the end, then there is no doubt you will be giddy and delirious from all the mask information (that you probably already know).

    03 Mar 2005, 18:35

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