January 14, 2008



After I saw this video, I know there are so many dangers for the children on the internet. Nowadays, most of teenagers have their own space, facebook, msn on the internet. they also put their names, age, home address, telephone No. on their space. This behavior just like they lift a board with all of these information stand on the street and make everyone to know. It is a danger,  because it gives some bad guy a chance to approach them and hurt them. The video also give us some example to show how dangerous it is for the teenagers and parents.    

January 07, 2008

My Essay Purgatory

This is the first time I do the assignment such like this(a 2000 words essay), and even now when I run back, I still feel excruciating. During this process, there are three points make me could not forget.

First, I must read a mass of books and material about the topic. And this work spand me a lot of time, and I must summarize  the all of these imformation and give out my own idears, furthermore, I also want to choose same special or important idear to show, so it spand me so much time to prepare.

Second, it is a physical ordeal, because when I start to write, I could not stop, I must sit before the computer all the day and night, I do even not sleep for 48 hours, And when I finished, my neck and back were so painful.

Third, I must be careful about my words, because I must make sure every sentence is mine, and if a sentence is not form mine, I must give the source. This is the work I never do it before.

However, the process of my essay is a purgatory, but it is also a learning process. Through the reading, I really know some things about this topic, and I also learn some things around this topic. And although the process is a purgatory, when I finished it, I was very happy, because this time I try my hard to do it .

October 29, 2007

English learning style

I have learned English more than ten years, during this ten years, I must admit that I am not good at learning English.

I always make learning plan for myself, but it does not work for me. It is very hard for me to persevere in finishing the plan. Especially I plan to rote more than 50 words every day. I can only do this for the first 2 days, but on the third day, I have to give up. So I think it is the stupid way to learn.

October 07, 2007

Impression of Britain

To be honest,  it was more than one month since I reached Britain. I think one month is enough for me to figure out something different between china and Britain.

When I entered into the bank to open my account, I found the difference.
Compared with china, the room of the bank here is quite small; there are only 2 or 3 reception windows in the bank, and the working time is quite shout. In some measure, I agree that the business of the bank is very developed, and we can see the auto-bank everywhere in Britain, so they do not need the room and time to waste in the bank. But I think the Chinese bank business advance rapidly either. So the another issue population seems more important than the first reason. We all know that China is a country with a large number of the populaton, but the resouce is limited. Furthermore, with the alarming advancing of chinese economy, the tempo of the chinese life has accelerated immensely. And it is very common for Chinese people to see the busy fignre on the street. And people brushed past others without one word. But in Britain, you can hear the "hello" and "hi" everywhere, and no martter the person they whether know, they also greet him with a smile.

In the bank, I also found a wonder that all of the people keep in the line. Of course, we also can see the queue in China, but compared with Britain, we are impatient. Our chinese people believe that time is money, and time is life, so we do not want to waste the "money" and "life" for waiting We can see the British people stand in the line with a book or newspaper in their hands. They took their time, and there is no hurry, as if wait in habit. And the most important is no one jump the queue. The tellers also service warmly. They greeting, solved the problem with smile and said "goofbye" to the customers. The etiquette is very thoughtful.

Then, when I back to my apartment, I have experienced Britain again. I noticed that, the road in Britain is very narrow, compared with China, the car is not fast. And to my amazement, the car actually give the way to pedestrians! I could not believe it can be happened in China.

Some people told me the British life is relaxed, and they know how to enjoy the life. So I start to think about this, in China, we are all so busy for the work and for the future that we have no time to stop and enjoy the things around us.

Finally, when I arrived ar my room, a strange thught flashed though my mind. I think the god give us the life as a gift, so what we should to do is just enjoy it!

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