May 09, 2005

Minutes 23/02/2005

History of Art
SSLC Meeting
23rd February 2005 12.00pm

Present: PS, CK, FB, MP, CK, PF, EP, LC, CL, Library Representative (Richard Parker), Careers Representative (Jenny Goddard)

1. Minutes

2. IT Services.
The history of art blog is running and can be visited at FB will organise a link from the art history web page to the blog and emails will be sent out to students. CL will produce posters letting students know about the blog and encouraging students to add items to the agenda.

3. Italian for Art Historians
Students were happy that they were able to vote on the use of dictionaries in the exams and are pleased with the outcome.

4. Venice 2004
Third year students raised concerns that the structure of the course and the teaching in Venice was not very coherent and that different students were taught different things. Students also reported that there was a very small turnout at the de-briefing meeting and that perhaps another meeting was needed in which what had been learnt could be discussed and feedback could be given. Students would like a revision class as there is anxiety about the course.

5. Venice 2005

Second year students were successfully found accommodation in Venice and are satisfied.

6. Careers Services
Jenny Goddard reported that there was a low turnout to career talks for art historians although art historical issues were addressed, however this may have been dude to a clash of timetables. Reps will find out responses from those that attended the talks. Talks with students in Venice were considered useful, but would have been more useful if they were earlier.

7. Library Matters
Richard Parker discussed the introduction of a ‘J-Store’ and the appropriateness of this, as well as other issues surrounding the ‘J-Store’. They are still under discussion.
Richard Parker has produced a study skills programme for first year students, WHASP, which can be found on the History of Art Student Intranet website. Feedback on WHASP from staff and students would be appreciated.
The introduction of Personal Development Portfolios (PDP) was discussed, which involves students recording any skills they have acquired during their degree which can later be CATable.

8. Postgraduate Matters
Students asked about their first essays being returned. CK said she would email students when they can get their mark back, but their essays cannot be returned. All issues regarding essays and marking will be clarified in the handbook.

9. Annual Report
FB said that the Annual Report needed to be filled out by the chair and the new convener. A draft needs to be made before the next SSLC meeting.

10. AOB
i. The chair was invited to attend departmental meetings and will do so.
ii. The creation of a forum was proposed for discussions and raising issues.
iii. The appropriateness of the questions in the faculty representative’s review was questioned and will be considered further at a later date.
iv. Students had great concerns about the possible lack of any contemporary and feminist subjects being taught on the course next year as numerous members of staff are leaving the department. PS acknowledged these concerns and said they will be discussed at the next departmental meeting.

11. Date of Next Meeting
Wednesday 11th May 2005, 12.00pm (Week 24).

April 26, 2005

Next Meeting!

The next HA SSLC meeting will be 11 May at 12:00 pm.

Please let your reps know if there is anything you would like to appear on the agenda.

Also, feel free to make comments on the blog, though do be aware they will not be anonymous.

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