August 05, 2011

When run good meets variance crossover

So the last week I have not put anywhere near as much volume as I had wished for due to general lazyness, having things to do and of course Mansion nobs.

Played 1 session past 3 days and that was only a measly 2.2K hands but played well, slightly under EV as seen.

August 3rd

Overall graph from July 28th, ran good played well and yet I've started running under EV at £20NL :


Deposited £100 on Stars too, down to £20 though for shipping $10 to Joe in stupid 4man sngs where I ran god-awful (no joke), then running even worse in 2 MTT sessions I had, although I'm not too bothered as it shows me how I shouldn't take cash for granted. Once I clear these points on Mansion to be able to withdraw, I will probably move to Blackchippoker as I have a decent rakeback deal there as well as a deposit bonus (bonus whore hehehe).

July 31, 2011

Back to the grind

So a quick update on the Mansion Poker CRYSIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!??!??!?!1?!?!?!?!?1?!?!?!?11?!?!?!??!one!?!?!?1o1n1e!??!?!oneone!?!?!??!shiftone!?!?!?1!???!?shift!??!oneshiftone!?!?!?1!?

Mansion Poker are currently "investigating" the situation and have been for the past 6 days.

Rakebrain are currently "investigating" the situation and have been for the past 2 days.

I decided against depositing elsewhere for now as I am unsure where I want to play yet so I used my remaining available funds (£488) on Mansion Poker and decided to drop down and play some microstakes (20NL).

Here are the results, using my rungood for the rest of July! Will have none left for August.... oh no (Bruce from Family Guy reference if you're wondering... and if you're not, I don't care about you)


I am currently trialling a program called StackAndTile which has enabled me to play 15 tables quite comfortably, it enables me to stack my tables and when one requires focus, I simply press a button on my mouse <-- (Thinly veiled brag ITT) and it moves it out into the "grid".

With this setup I'm able to get in 2K hands in about 2 hours.

In other news, the grind for my resits still hasn't started yet, waiting for my August bonus before I can start that otherwise it's definitely a -EV play to start grinding.

Also, just poked my dog hehehehehhee lol.

July 28, 2011

First entry – Mainly Poker

So I started a blog today, shearly because of boredom.

A week ago I was in Zante..

Now I'm at home

In a month I will be resitting Analysis and Intro to Probability cos I suck.

But now...

Instead of going to a BBQ followed by a potential great night out, I am sat infront of this screen sulking about losing my RayBans (thanks to Annabelle) ((it wasn't really) and wondering how I managed to break my little toenail while sleeping last night...

A lil update on poker during uni of course first :

Now, due to them being demolished by the big fat nemesis, Pokerstars, I've had to retire from my usual game, high stakes DoNs to which I was putting in easily 3000 games/month and with the low rake, managed to generate a neat ROI. Estimate I played around 60,000 of the DoNs ranging from $10 + $0.4 to $100 + $4 paying a ridiculous amount of rake and getting Platinum Star each month as early as within 4 days of the month starting! So as of late have been starting on NL cash.... again...

Never really put much volume into cash, had intervals where I put in a few thousand hands of 1/2 here and there.... playing 1/2 at Broadway once a week and played a bit at Dusk till Dawn during the UKIPT Nottingham to which I started off to the immediate right of the notorious badboy Devilfish who did not waste time in advertising how bad he really was to our table by showing us pictures of his gun, his girlfriend handcuffed to his bed... but then decided to balance his game by throwing in a photo of him and Frank Lampard... bizarre day but more bizarre day of poker when I lost about half my starting stack with AA in level 4, isolating a weak early opener and we went to the flop heads up.. me in position with AA... deepstacks against a fish... what could go wrong?

Flop was 22K rainbow, looks good until my cbet gets check raised, can't even remember the amounts nor can i be bothered to try and remember them but anyway I decided to flat in position and let this fish continue to bluff his chips over. The turn 10 didnt change much... or so i thought and regrettably I check backed the turn, the me now would definitely have bet the turn but oh well, the rivered 9 of course helped his QJ get there and I paid off his river bet like a valuetown tourist.

Few hands later I donated my chips away after flopping A44hhs with my 45cc but managed to fold the turn 8h having correctly put the UTG limper on AA and Devilfish with flushdraw... lol the fuck did i put UTG limper on AA... my gratz go to him for seeing a flop with AA 6way and managing to still win the pot and double up thru Devilfish.

Eventually the villain to my AA hand opened AQ and I shipped 99 with a M of like 7 on CO and ran into KK on BB. Gazzy.. wheres your tournament life!?!?!? No where, thats where :(.

Cash afterwards went pretty well though at a 1/2 no max buyin table where most people bought in for 400 so I felt no need to buy in for more. Few big hands where I got in TT on T55 and with the turned T, i lowered chance of slowroll by flipping my hand there and claimed a pot of around £850. Managed to leave with about £1100, definitely would have been more had I not flopped huge (2 pair) against a fish (flopped straight) who according to my live HUD was playing 85/2 over a sample of 293859043885 hands.

Which brings me to the present. Been playing a mixture of several small MTTs at uni, running quite deep in $215 Sunday Million twice, coming 2nd in a deepstack $11 tourny which I stupidly started at 6am and finished at 4pm, chopping it heads up 2 weeks ago at Broadway and a few more Broadway cashes, making a -EV deal at Ricoh a while back then making a small cash there in like 5th place where Charlotte somehow binked it... yeah Charlotte!!! So now I'm playing NL SH Cash. And it's been going alright..... nothing spectacular... started on the micromicros at 2NL LOL... moved my way swiftly to 20NL on multiple sites such as Lock Poker, Ladbrokes Poker and now Mansion Poker on the Ipoker network. Currently playing at 50NL but had to delay as Mansion Poker decided to scam my money, see will probs have to make a deposit, looking more than likely at Black Chip Poker on Merge network with rakebrain rakeback of course.

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