April 10, 2006

Anarchy in the UK…...

This summer harks the 30th Anniversary of punk in the UK, which was more than just a revolution of music.

Punk fought against everything we hated in society. The upper classes, the fashion, the attitudes, the monarchy etc etc. Punk as a concept is nothing new, revolutions have existed since the dawn of man – but never were the masses so scared. It has come to light that the government were even seeking advice on how to deal with the possible outbreak of anarchy. The economic slump, the lack of opportunities, the strikes and the general displeasure of the late '70s gave birth to punk. To quote Jonny Rotten "we wanted to go out and offend all the people we were fed up with". People are like a spring coil, if you repress them too much, they will react.

30 years later, I'd like to say things that changed for the better. Of course, being 20, i wasnt around for the punk revolution, but i have read the books and watched the dvds.

My question is this : Is punk, as a concept, dead?

I walk around, whether its on campus, or round Leamington, and all I see is people conforming. People wearing exactly what Topshop/H&M throw out, buying crap from McDonalds, spending their lives on mobile phones, widdling away on ipods. Is this what capitalism does to us? Whatever happened to being original, to doing your own thing? Some people seem to be willing to accept what they're given, what the media tells us we should do. I wish people would not accept their lot.

The war in Iraq…..how can anyone not realise what the real agenda is here? I don't understand how people can't see through the lies.
Nevermind the bollocks, after all…...

Remember, "don't be told what you want, don't be told what you need".

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