March 02, 2007

Blog Number Three

Rather embarrassingly, this is my third blog. The first one I started in May 2006. It's a great thing, and I've had an affection for it since, well, since May 2006. I've always loved designing things, and the limited aesthetic options available in the blogosphere are just as exciting as any empty canvas. The content is essentially whatever whenever. If I feel like writing, I write. If I don't, I don't. Some months I have over six entries, others none. Simple. So this whole 'two day' thing is a challenge and I'm wondering whether I'll be able to keep up.

The second blog I started is a bit shameful, really - I created a fictional character. People think he's real. Sad, but surprisingly fun. Especially when I got an avid fan of my character. But, predictably, this enjoyment wasn't without it's guilt - I had created a fictitious character who meant something to someone because they thought he was real. But then, why should it matter? Even if he was real they would never meet anyway. So, I'm still keeping that blog, though sporadically.

And now there's this one. Marvelous.

See you in two days.

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  1. Using the word blogosphere makes the baby Jesus cry. Marvellous.


    02 Mar 2007, 20:44

  2. Justin

    Gwen, I’d love to see the fictional version. I thought about doing something similar after I realized that people I knew might actually end up reading the things I wrote in my own blog (of course, if I wanted it to remain anonymous I probably shouldn’t have gone with “,” eh?).


    06 Mar 2007, 00:18

  3. Justin Stanley

    Then again, how do I know that this blog isn’t the one in which you’re pretending to be someone else…?

    06 Mar 2007, 05:06

  4. Gwen Kent

    ha! :) thanks for the feedback, justin – and no, i’m not a fictional character! i wouldn’t have resorted to compairing simon and garfunkel to the backstreet boys on my very third entry if it was fictional … oh dear.

    06 Mar 2007, 10:29

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