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March 06, 2007

Oh, The Reading

Yes, so English is my chosen degree, but I have a nasty secret: I am a slow reader.

That's right, I cannot physically skim read. It's impossible. I have to go through each sentence and take absolutely everything, each word, each full stop, in. Occasionally, if I'm not 'in the mood', if the gods feel like tormenting me for their sport, then I don't take anything in, even if I try my hardest and force myself to stare at the page, read it aloud, sing it - nothing works. A shutter behind my eyes which links them to my brain goes up, and the connection, just like that, is cut.

Of course, sometimes I have good days, where I read a book and some in a day. These are rare. 

Overall, this is a devistating disability in the face of an English Degree. Thank goodness this year isn't assessed is all I can say - the reading for next year I'll do in the summer.

Well, better get to the torturous business in the time I have left before my lecture ...

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