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October 30, 2011

Creating Business Excellence Experience

Creating Business Excellence Experience

Today was the last day for this module. There was something very different about it. It did not feel too good leaving the group with which I had been working for weeks now but on the other hand, I could say that I had just finished, well almost finished one module and which felt good. It was almost like my very first achievement ever since I have come here.

During this module I learnt a lot, not only in terms of education but also about myself. This course not only widened my perspective and knowledge but I also feel through this module I have learnt a lot about my self and have grown as a person too. This course not only taught me about creating business excellence but also about how I should conduct myself on a professional level. Besides, this course has influenced my management beliefs and my thought process.

By the end of this module, I can say that I strongly agree with Paul when he says that " No one has weaknesses, Everyone has areas of improvement." I hope that now that I have been able to identify some of my areas of improvement I will work on them and try to make them my strengths. This whole journey towards creating excellence has been very pleasant and enjoyable and I hope that I shall take with me what I have learnt during this module and apply it in future.

Meetings! Meetings! Meetings!

Meetings! Meetings! Meetings!

I have to be honest, when I went for my class today I had not even a slightest clue of what this "Meetings! Meetings! Meetings!" was going to be like. During this exercise all group members were assigned positions and responsibilities in an organisation( Hotel in this case). The agenda of the meeting was already decided and all the group members were supposed to look into the problems that their departments were facing, prioritise them and come up with solutions.

Even though this exercise was not really realistic, it did teach me a lot. The most interesting aspect about this meeting was that all the group members actively took part during this meeting and like very mature individuals all the group members discussed their problems one by one and contributed towards finding a solution. Besides, it was very interesting to see that no one was working towards their department only, everyone was working for the hotel. Moreover, I think this was a very good practice as all the group members had different views and it was very interesting to see problems and solutions from different perspectives.

Thinking out of the box!

Thinking out of the box!

This module really is about creating business excellence. Today I was very inspired from what Paul had said during the class. Everyone in today's time wants to get on the top. Everyone wants promotion and fat cheques. Well ALMOST everyone!! The competition is soo high that all the organisations are fighting with each other to get the highest market share and all the managers within organisations are just waiting to become the next CEO's. But is this important? Must we always become a part of this rat race?

This has inspired me and highly motivated me to think out of the box. I believe if we think differently and if we become one of those individuals who change the future, then there will be no need for us to run behind success because the success will follow us. In my opinion, we should look for excellence within ourselves. One should continue to make himself/herself better each day to be successful in life, professional and personal. If one follows the path of excellence and thinks out of the box then nothing can stop that person from being successful. For me, Steve Jobs is the best example for what I am trying to say as he was an individual who always aimed to change the future. If you think, who knew that they would want anything like an iPad before it was launched in the market? Well honestly, I dint but when it was launched in the market, it created sensation.

So for me, being successful would be trying to improve by looking for excellence within yourself and thinking out of the box to become an individual who is capable of changing the future.

Time Management

Time Management

There have been times when I have wished that the days would have been abit longer than they are. I have always had a tough time with managing time. Like we all know time does not wait for anyone , it is very important that we must walk with time or else we will soon realise that we are far behind and that surely is not a very good situation to be in. I do realise the importance of time but the lazy me just can't get me going at times.

Paul's session on time management was very useful. The approach that he shared to manage the time was very useful. From what I gathered and learnt during this time management session was that firstly, we all must identify our roles ( roles as a daughter, student, friend etc). Secondly, we all must select out goals. Thirdly, keeping our goals in mind we all must learn to plan ahead and schedule and lastly, we must make the schedule a part of our life and must follow it religiously. This practice should be followed each week and by the end of the week one can assess himself/herself and see how well the time was managed and then work on becoming better the coming week if any improvement is needed.

To conclude in my opinion, one must respect time to get respected in society and time lost never comes back so we all should use our time very wisely and productively. Moreover, to be a successful person in life one all should always remember that time is money.

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