January 14, 2008

one click from danger

Children and teenagers can be involved in danger when they are using the internet. They want to make more friends, so My Space, MSN and Bebo are very popular among them. However, they do not realize that there is potential danger around them. Ellie was followed by a predator¡ because her saying on My Space was found. Peter pretended to a 17-year-old teenager to chat with the children on MSN to achieve his sexual purpose. Moreover, James made the pornographic webcam gain some money. As parents, they should be aware of the danger and take responsibility for their children.

December 21, 2007

My Essay

This is the first time that I write my essay. Because an essay not only contains good grammar and formal sentences but also contains good and new ideas, I found it ¡s really a tough work. Therefore, when I was writing the essay, I met a lot of difficulties.

I think the most difficult one is to collect the  materials which is related to my topic because I need to spend most time finding and reading. What ¡s worse, sometimes I spent much time collecting but finally I found nothing, so I felt frustrated. In addition, reading all the materials was very boring. The most unfortunate thing is that after reading most materials, I found they were not useful at all. That made me crazy. However, sometimes I could find some useful references but they were difficult to understand because they were quite academic and formal. If I wanted to read them clearly, I had to spend lots of time but the time for my essay is limited. Consequently, I had to stay up to write my essay.

Although reading all the academic books are very boring, I found that I read more quickly than before. In fact finally when I read some academic books I did not think they were difficult as I imagine.

If I could go back to when I started writing the essay, I think, I would not know which topic I should choose to write because I knew every topic a little but I could not write more.

Although I spent much time and energy to write my essay, I think I still get a lot. On the one hand, I can write more formal and academic and when I am writing, I care much about the grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure. On the other hand, I can read more quickly and understand more clearly. Though I don not like writing the essay, I still think it is a good way to improve my English and acquire knowledge.

October 05, 2007

The begining of my new life

Now I am in Britain .From now on this blog will show my whole life in Britain.Thus it is also the diary of my new life. If you are interested in it, please click my blog.

Because I only stay here six days and I don't know much about how British life it is, I can only say something about my impression of Britain briefly. Actually, I think Britain is a wonderful place. As a new one here, the intuitionistic things can give me a deep impression such as weather, people, and so on.

Britain is famous for its weather. Before I came here I didn't think too much about it. However, as soon as I arrived here, I really realized how cool the weather is. I feel very comfortable and relaxed. Perhaps just because of this reason, the  environment is farily clean and beautiful. I can see lots of lawn and fallen leaves here and there.That is quite different from Beijing where it is rather hot in summer and dirty.

As far as British people are concerned, they are friendly and kind. After we arrived at Heathrow airport, men who work in the airport helped us a lot. A man helped us to rent two cars which sent us to our school finally.Otherwise we wouldn't reach Warwick. In addition, the drivers are also good because they sent everyone to their own flats. A fter we find  our flat, they left.

Much to my surprise, there are many Chinese people in Warwick. Wherever I go, I can meet some Chinese people such as in bank, bookshop, supermarket. Therefore, I always don't think this is a new and strange place.

Britain is an absolute new place for me and my new and wonderful life will begin from Warwick. IN the future I will continue to write more details about my life in British.

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