January 28, 2010

Chinese group

After the exercise, I thought a lot about the situation and myself. I classiy this situation can divide into three parts. Firstly, the gregarious.Because we have the same culture and lots of topics, such as the movie stars, sports, even some jokes.It' easy to talk and share, so we move together self-consciously. But we are in the UK, we need to try to enjoy its culture and even though the lifestyle about food.Secondly, I think because of the  inertia. If we get together , we can speak directly and conveniently. and we can get more helps from others. But we forget to catch the chance to improve. Thirdly, the ability to hold a meeting or to be a leader. I'm a chairman of student union in my college before, I can give a speech before about one thousand people. But here, I am so nervous before twenty students. I really know I can, but I couldn't. At the moment, I know I have so much more things to improve. Fortunately, It's not too late.

I think we try our best to let Donnany enjoy the game, but it looks like doesn't work. That's my fault, sorry about that. My suggestion is try to give us more pressure without any help and must choose the foreign classmate as a teammate firstly.

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  1. I’m very proud of what you said and I understand what you are trying to say.
    I must say you’re doing well. Your approach is very possitive and I think you will do great as well.

    Let’s speak English together!!!!!!!!

    28 Jan 2010, 21:14

  2. Hi dude!!As far as presentation is concern I think you are doing great..I dont know if you remember your first presentation where you sort of read from the screen, this time it was much better. Everyone in the class including myself have a lot to learn and improve which was proved in the class today when Paul mentioned the difference between students and professionals and clearly he said that we are in student category…You don’t even need to worry about the language( remember Paul’s story in the morning about the guy speaking in German language).....

    28 Jan 2010, 21:32

  3. Thank you for your comment, my friends. I’m so glad to hear that, I believe I can do better next time without any excuses. To to honest, I don’t have any foreign friends before goning there, I know that’s my problem. That’s again my friend, william, umar

    28 Jan 2010, 22:00

  4. Hey there;

    First of all I want to thank you and congratulate you for your hard work for the team. Unlike your statement, I enjoyed the game as with all games I participate. This is an addiction which let me enjoy every game, no matter what kind of game it is. :)
    I would say; don’t worry about presentations, as we practice more we will be better I hope.


    p.s.: I dont know if I write it true but… = xié xié :)

    28 Jan 2010, 23:37

  5. Cheer for you !! I will always stand by you, and let’s make effort together ! :D

    01 Feb 2010, 22:48

  6. hahhahaha! Poor Jiance, but now you’ve got umar!

    01 Feb 2010, 22:52

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