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November 29, 2005

winning strategy–hoshin kanri vs.balanced scorecard

Today we had winning strategy part one- hoshin kanri vs.balanced scorecard.

our group was doing the balanced scorecard, but I found the Hoshin kanri seems very interesting. (maybe because of the name…) Hoshin emphases on PDCA cycle, this cycle in many text books actually is linked with Deming's philosophy or called Deming's model. ( this was the second week we were trying to find out what is the model for Deming, and many Text books refer Deming model as PDCA model)

Seems the balanced scorecard is more new technique and updated tool for performace management. today presentations were interesting, most of groups forgot to identify or write down what is the version.

Could I see the version is a motto for a business? actually in a general contest, version could be personal and corporational.version is the faith that keeps you going everyday, key goals are the steps that we are appraoching the version.

November 24, 2005

definitions of leadership

wednesday we had definition of leadership activity. after 4 groups presented what the definitions are, the fundamental concept of the leadership is the same: influence, group/follwers,goal/purpose.

then Paul added shared goal makes the definition more clear that the goal should be agreed by everyone, also this bring motivation and inspiration to everyone too.

we had debate over the shared goal and power-personal power vs positioned power. Hitler, Masonini,Napoleon, Geroge W. Bush,Sadam Hussin…. all of them are famous as a leader, but are they a good leader? most of their shared goals are political goals, political goals actually just agreed by certain people (aggressive people).

that's why within USA many citizens are dissactisfied with G Bush, in Iraq many people there were suffered by sadam Hussin, the world once was suffering under the Narzi….Because those people using their postioned power to do something not shared value based.

talking about power, positioned power vs personal power. in my oppinion, personal power is always the preferable choice. personal power link with personality, some nature and talents. it is the most sparkling thing for a person to attract others' attention. if a person has good personality, he/she may not have positioned power at all, but his/her personality turn into power became personal power, sort of informal positioned power in certain situations.

Jesus Christ, he was once a man without going to any school (according to the bible story) but his personality was such a great lighting for everyone (except the people who were threatened by Jesus) couldnt we say at that moment, people were attracted by his personal power?

Chairman Mao, once he had strong personal power, he used that to build the new China. however when he became the chairman, the postioned power was strong, he forgot how his followers came from, he used his postioned power all the time, finally cultural revolution caused China 30 declined. 30 years, at that moment, Western countries were developing the most, new technologies, new norms, new business, but China within that moment was almost collaped by the so called revolution.

Having strong personal power helps turn into positioned power, but positioned power would wear away the shine and sparkle of one's personal power so easily.

as my conclusion, for a good leader, personal power is always the important, essential requirement.

leadership excises

Monday we had a leadership excise, we need to elect a leader within 6 people when they had shipstrike.

Tuesday we had winning strategy based on the waverider case study, we need to select the most appropriate stategy for the company.

my personal view is: electing a appropriate leader is more difficult than electing a appropriate strategy. leadership requires many traits and intangible criteria, whereas strategy decision making could be based on practice and techniques helping, such as statistics and financial nanlysis to seek the best result.

so go back to the first week, Deming believed people is the most important element for business and also for quality issue. I agree his point most of the time. because people (human) element is the most flexible, dynamic resource with creativity and innovation,if we get the right people, e.g. the right leader, then we could get the right things done.

November 11, 2005

annoying Broadband connection

it has been 2 weeks already, my broadband connection still have problem. Bulldog sent me the wrong model with USB connection, which only allow one PC usage. my flatmate got a labtop so she could connect to the broadband when she sits in the living room, but my desktop is struggling to have the connection. and then I got a ethernet modem from internet, but Bulldog declined the connection. they said only speedtouch modem could be used under their service, I think this is kind of monopoly. then I had ordered the enthernet modem from Bulldog again, however they delayed the delivery due to their customer service staff sent the order wrongly. I rang up at least 5 times and complained, seems they cannot help me in this case.

I decide to write a short report after I finished my PPE assignment, talking about what are the problems within this Bulldog company and what they should improve really. This is a real case study, and I am sure it is not the only case happened in UK service organisations. Telewest, my previous broadband provider, has the similar problem too. nevertheless Telewest has a slightly better system to cope with all the chaos than Bulldog. I would like to put these 2 broadband service companies together and analyse the issues.

so Frustrated, I am still using my flatmate's labtop and surfing online in the living room at this moment, because Bulldog's terrible service.

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