December 05, 2005

the falling angel

Heaven is still highly in the sky,
No one knows what happened there,
But today I met a beauty in the yard,
The falling angel.

I ask why she falt,
She said all because of love,
Since sheíve loved a man here,
She canít find herself.
She drawed his picture in a frame,
She went to the earth everyday.
But God knew this got angry,
So he drove her away.
She lost her wings for fly,
She felt down from the sky,
She canít find her lover,
The falling angel cried.

Angel, please donít cry,
In this world thereíre so many guys.
Put your hands on your heart,
How much you could bear mind

Love takes time,
Love canít only depend on outside,
Love needs understanding,
Love is endless wide.
Love built up with truth,
Love built up with heart,
Love built up with fate,
Love built up with faith.

She tried to understand,
Maybe itís too deep for her,
But if she loves a human,
She must clear the entity of love.
My falling angel,
I know youíre not happy,
I know love is difficult,
I know you canít fly without wings,
But I know you can survive.

Sometimes love would be denied,
Sometimes love would be destroyed,
Sometimes you canít choose your life,
Sometimes tears couldnít impress his mind.

My falling angel was surprised,
She never knew what is the price,
Iíd rather hurt you to tell you the truth,
Better than I lie you that love is so wonderful.
Think about that, my falling angel,
What you need and what you want,
Love is beautiful because it canít last forever,
Let the experience become memory,
Maybe you could see the immortality.

She said good-bye and gone,
I never seen her again.
Maybe she is back to heaven
Maybe she is still in the earth,
Maybe she is still alone
Maybe she found her lover.
But Iíd never forget her beautiful eyes,
Sparkling with sunshine.
My falling angel.

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  1. Yueru, you write lots of poetry, something I cannot do. Are you keeping them to publish in a collection when you are famous?

    05 Dec 2005, 22:39

  2. yes, I wish I could do so. but I need to make sure my english is good enough, especial the grammar…

    05 Dec 2005, 23:02

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