April 09, 2006

outsourcing topic

this is interesting topic too, you outsource what you lack, and someone who is good at it offer what you want.

good relationship and marriage should be two ways mutual outsourcing, we both offer each other something we are good at, in the same time we recieve something we lack from each other, hopefully during the whole process we all develop and improve out life, mind, attitude…

(to be continued)

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  1. Interesting view, but I think that marriage or long-term relationship is more than 2-way outsourcing. 2-Way outsourcing implies that there is still a contractual obligation to do something for someone, surely relationships are more about doing something because you want to and not counting the cost or checking to see if the request is outside the contract specification.

    11 Apr 2006, 16:50

  2. concerned citi

    The end effect of OUTSOURCING to CEO, CFO, Managers, etc.
    1) US Company hires a company offshore to get the job done at a lower cost
    (2) Offshore company employee gets the job from US employees.
    (3) Company saves $$$
    (4) US employees no more job. Then no more money to pay mortgage.
    (5) Due to the # of employees unable to pay mortgage the housing bubble pops.
    (6) Houses get forclosed. Prices of houses go down the drain as well.
    (7) US economy that used to depend on housing increases, now goes down as well.
    (8) The value of houses of CEOs, CFOs, HR officers, Managers go down as well. GOOD FOR THEM FOR NOT THINKING the ripple/domino effect of TOO Much outsourcing.

    12 Oct 2007, 06:41

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