December 05, 2005

novel–sword of the legend(to be continued)

smoky rain:

Actually I donít care fame. My value is not estimated by others, but my self esteem only. Fame and fortune is nothing for me, my desire is peace for this world, everyone has happy life, and I could get rid of all these worries and suffers.

But my dream didnít come true, because not everyone agrees my dream. Peace for me is paradise but for some people are just dust; the fame and fortune are the only thing they desire. So in this mortal world, too many greedy people, make up this situation.

Everyone wish to be a emperor, every one wish to have power and fortune. But such things are illusion; we could not take them away when we leave this world. They all broke the rules of killing, greed, forever tossing and turning in the mortal world. Maybe, this is what they truly wish.

I feel anxious so I left the room. Moonlight as water shine, I hold my sword ďchasing windĒ and pull it up. Sword body is sharp and shining, seems melt with the moonlight. Yes, I do have the sword in legend, I am in the chaos world now, but who is the one to change all these? Or perhaps, this world never has real peace from the first beginning.

I put the sword back, and I feel cold, and lonely. Yes, loneliness, something follows you as your shadow, talks to you all the time. Someone said, you feel lonely because you are lost, you are lost because you donít understand your heart what you desire. Where is my path? Where I should belong to? I left my home and my country actually looking for what? Do I just want to prove myself, or there is something deep inside my heart, leading me to walk step by step, towards the unknown destiny?

I am walking in the street, looking at the view. Raining as smoke, fog cover the whole city. Why people like war? Why people care about fame and fortune, lost in the mortal? The golden moment Tang dynasty is gone, now only left a legend, a memory.

This world, alive, death, sickness, aging, love apart, hate gather, desire could not acquire, happiness, anger, sorrowÖ. every thing just make human being lost more and more in the karma. Obsessed to fame is greedy, obsessed to alive is silly, obsessed to so called justice is angerÖ. All of these form a ridiculous mortal world.

Pearl white:

My Dad is a wealthy landlord in Chang An, he is such a generous person, always helping for building bridges, helping for starving seasons, painting gold for Buddha, regular donation every month. however, when the tang dynasty fade, such good person is pass away too, and my mom could not take this suffer, she pass away shortly following my Dad. So, I become a orphan. Call to mind, super rich wealth could not bring back my whole family, palace is not safer than the little cottage I am living. What I had before gone with wind suddenly, so ironic.

My cousin knew I am alone now, he said: let me take care of you. I could not see any sorrow from his eyes, maybe he is used to death and alive such things so become indifferent now. Perhaps I get him wrong, because that night, I saw him crying under a tree, for a long long time. I think my cousin may feel very guilty, because he wander around these 10 years, left his home, only contact by letters. Now the family is gone, he wish to take care, but his parents are not there any more. I wish to know if being a great guy could not cry in front of others? What a horrible torture it is?

chasing wind:

I am an old sword, a legend sword, made in 700 ago. I could not remember who made me, but I am his pride. 700 years is tiny as dust in this universe, but for human being is such a legend.

Every time I think of my young master, my broken heart has pain. When she died in his arms, I still remember it so clearly, time flies, already 300 years pass by. Yes, 300 years, she and he missed each other in the karma so many times, when their vow Ē we missed this life, we will meet again next timeĒ, this waiting is 300 years already.

If that moment I was a sword with a soul, now I am already a so called supreme sword, the sword of legend. A supreme sword, just has longer history than others, just kill more people than others, just owned by famous people than others. No one cares if I like this title, no one cares if I want to save the world. And I donít care neither, since that moon night 300 years ago, I donít care at all now. I donít even care, people gave me a new name: chasing wind. I know my heart is still the sword in my young masterís eyes: smoke cloud.

When the Tang golden dynasty faded, the world became chaos. I donít care such thing. But 25 years ago, when the nine dragon master saved a babe, I feel my heart is trembling again. Yes, it is him! I donít know if this is thrilled or up sad full of my heart, because after 300 years, he and my young master, eventually meet again, in this chaos world. So I made up my mind, this life, I wish them happy forever!

So that guy grew up gradually, I saw his kind heart, and I also saw his mystified mind. An incomplete soul how to see through the path? And my unique young master, this life, she became a wealthy lady, far away from those killing, isnít it a good thing?

My young master, you and that guy have been waiting for each other 300 years , looking for the lost part of each other, lost in the mortal world, so this life, let me help you live together happy ever after! Your biggest bliss is mine! When you are waiting for someone, I have been waiting for you as well. Although I am just a sword, I did wait for you all the time!

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