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February 23, 2006

thanks to everyone

Thank you to everyone! to Paul, all my classmates, my friends in china and EU, especially my mom.

cintinuously being depressed and upset are useless for me, and I should move on living happily for people who care me.

I will concentrate on my study from now on, and after graduate I will go back China to live with my mom. during these years I ignored her too much, it's time to be a good daughter.

thanks to everyone again.

some reflections

I dont know if this is true, best students get the hardest problems?? then I wish I am just a normal student, I dont need to experience hardest problems, beside I am not a good student anyway.

I remeber there is a story:

a farmer everyday pass by the jesus status, he said: I wish I could take your place, then you dont need to be hang there so hurt.

oneday Jesus seems heard his word and said: ok, you can take my place, but you must promise you cannot say a word no matter what you see and what you hear.

the farmer agreed, so he was there to listen to everyone now. many many people come to pray and talk about their problems, the farmer wish to give solutions, but he didnt eventually.

One day a rich man came over and pray: please let me keep my treasure forever! then he left, but he forgot his wallet farmer wanted to tell him you forgot your wallet, but he didnt.
there. then a poor man came and pray: please help me! I dont have any money! when he was going to leave he found that wallet. "dear juses! thank you very much! "then he left happily. farmer wanted to tell him: it's not your wallet! but he still didnt say nothing. then a young man arrived, he pray: I am going to far away now, please let me safe. at this moment, that rich man came back, and said: where is my wallet? you must have my wallet! give it back to me!

the Farmer finally could not keep quiet anymore, he said: he didnt get your wallet! then he explained what happened, and the rich man got back his wallet, the young man rush to the ship.

Juses said: come down! you are not qualified to be there anymore!

why? farmer asked: I just did the right thing!

the right thing? juses said: that rich man use those money for prostitution, that poor man use those money for feeding his whole family! more over, if the young man miss his ship, he could save his life! because that ship will sink in the sea! now you mess everythign up , because you think you just did the right thing!

sometimes, we always believe we just did the right thing, and we always try to change what happening to our lives. actually, everything is predetinated. what was set is the best choice for us already, if we try to change thing according to what we think it;s the best, maybe we could wourse the situation.

I just want to follow my fate, whatever happen, I believe it;s the best choice for me. there will be something, someone, somewhere….are waiting for me.

cherish what I have, because I would never know what will happen tomorrow.

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