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January 12, 2006

chanllenge yourself

after I submitted Statistics and Financial analisys control those assignments, I found i have passed the challenge!

my year one I failed the statistcs subject, year two and three I failed my finanical management and international financial analysis. these 3 subjects drugged my average mark down to 51.2 only, wherewas my other subjects all above 60. I want my 2.1 degree back!! only if I could turn back the time.

I dont want to forever live under my shadow, I hate numbers it is well known, but I want to challenge myself. I wish I could pass these two assignments, that's the most improvement for me during these 3 years, coz I could overcome the fear!

after I did the statistics assignment, I think it is actually quite practical tool to be used in the reality, powerful tool. if I dont need to use the posson distribution again, haha.

the FACS assignment is …..difficult, but interesting. I cannot believe I could write 1500 words against the financial statements! I did translate the numbers into english!!! or I should say I did interpret !!

so form today, when I look at a financial statement, I could understand if this company is doing well or not, I could understand if this company have large loans or not, if this company market share is positive or not….

if I didnt write the assignments, I would never know I could achieve this!

some reflecttions about TQM ad Business Exellence

recently I HAVE bought m;any books from Amazon, much cheaper than buying from waterstone _

When I was studing my undergraduate degree, TQM this subject interests me the most. that's why I chose our EEE course. however after I look at the TQM book and Management and Quality Control this book, I have some queries and reflections I would look to blog.

Total Quality Management appeared earlier than business Excellence, and seems Business Excellence cover more holistic topics than TQM. TQM seems concentrate on Quality system, quality control tools and communication, teamwork those aspects, looks like the Process enabler and people enabler in comarison to EFQM model.

TQM foundation said the model for TQM is: Culture, communication, commitment, process, customer and supplier. I thought it seems to be the alternative names for leadership, partnership, people, Customer, process. what missing here are strategy, CSR and key performance result.

TQM looks more likely to be developed from Deming philosophy, whereas EFQM model more likely to be developed from more than Deming theories, for instance PDCA, learning organissation such theories.

MOst of my friends ask me what I am studying, I say business excellence, they dont understand at all. I say TQM, they still dont have a clue. I say, ISO9001 is as mall part of that, they will say: oh I see! quality assurance!!

such narrow and pathetic preception for most of people. quality assrance yes is quality, but quality certainly further beyond this "tangiable" thing. we are talking about quality both in terms of tangiale and intangiale aspects, those intagible things are more difficult and more important to be developed, improved for a company.

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