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December 10, 2006

Referat? whats that?

In my last blog entry i promised my adoring public that i would cooment on how a presentation on the founding on two german states on german soil went, (and if i didnt i meant to), anyway is was quite horrible, and not just for me, my audience looked bored throughout, with some adding looks of confusion probably just to break up the monotony a little. i mean it wasnt as if i wasnt prepared (i wasnt well prepared but can you ever be?), i had my notes, i knew what i wanted to say, but nevertheless went i went up to the rostrum i still felt decidely nervous. I, of course, blame the lack of a powerpoint presentation. With a bunch of cool pictures to keep the students and the teacher entertained im sure i would have breezed through it, and alcohol, that would have helped too. But at least its over with now, i can sit back and watch the rest of the class make the same mistakes that i did, only this time itll be funny.

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