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October 30, 2006

Fencing – seemingly nthing to do with swords

Last Friday (today being Monday) i went along for the first of possible many more fencing lesons which lefted me unable to walk properly for the next day and a half. This was of course nothing to do with swords or being stabbed in the leg. That would be a good story full of blood and court cases, this story however is full of running around, and lots of standing around (which was actually a lot worse). The reason for the rather disappointing lack of things with a sharp point was apparently because we (i.e. those people taking part) all had different levels of fitness, and that in order to normalise said level they were seemingly going to make us run around until we a) became fit, b) left or c) died. Now for those of amongst my wide and varied fan club who have had the honour of personal acqaintance (is that how you spell it?) you may be surprised to hear that no, i am not writing this from beyond the grave, although that would be quite cool too this close to Halloween, but do in fact have the feeling that, if i dont improve drastically quickly, i may quit. Well maybe. Atleast we werent simply running in circles for the entire time. For a lot of it we were playing a “game”. In this “game” opposing teams had to throw a rather scruffy looking ball against their opponents wall in such a way that it first hit the floor, then the wall and then the floor again. The game was fast, athletic, and invlolved a surprising amount of running from yours truly. I would like to boast of a proud victory where we smashed our darker clothed oppenents, but truth be told i forgot what the score was about 20 seconds in to the game. Leaving me with nothing more than the sense that we were the beter team, and with the advances in modern science a completely made-up score line. 12-2 to the White Shirted Sharks (better names can be suggested and will be duely stolen). Anyway im sure next week that theyll atleast let us stab each other in a friendly way, i mean what could go wrong. (Exactly what can go wrong will probably be explained after next weeks lesson)

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