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February 20, 2006

Slavery Week

At Christmas I was given a life-style book (of a sort), which promises to alter your life completely if you follow its edicts. Well i've been trying, although the mini-prostitution week was a bit of a failure. Anyway this week as you may have guessed is Slavery Week. I'm supposed to volunteer to be someones slave for the week, doing practically anything they ask. Now I was just going to offer my services to one of my housemates, but i thought that this showed a lack of any real flair or imagination. So i thought i'd let other people volutnteer to be the slave-master, since being a slave is all about giving up all rights and responsibilities to another (well that and a lot of hard, physical labour). So if you think you've got what it takes or know someone that would that be a good slave-master for a week then message it here and maybe i'll read it one day, like next Monday.

If your still reading, well done. You've past the first test to becoming good master. Patience. Since i'm inherently lazy (something i can't see changing in the next week) you may have to wait a while for many or all of the tasks you ask me to do to be finished. Also expect shoddy work, i think i'd make quite an incompetent slave. Shoddy work would probably be the result here of the fact that your trying to get me to do some. Something i would like to point out now thats not often true in my academic work.

If your still reading after me telling you what a rubbish slave i'd make then you must be exceptionally bored, trying to avoid doing an essay, or you really want a slave. Well if you want a slave that badly simply post any reasons why you think i should even consider you, along with your application. Remember "i'll give you lots of cash" would mean that im not technically a slave, but it would catch my attention.

Also this blog isn't intended as a springboard for people into the business of white slavery, im sorry but you'll have to try somewhere else, like psychology, theyre into mind control and such, so they might have contacts in the underworld.

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