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November 08, 2007

Cycle parking at WBS Scarman Rd

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Warwick Business School (WBS) Scarman Rd opened in 2001, and from what I can tell some of my colleagues have been asking for cycle parking facilities ever since. In 2006 a major extension to the building was completed, but still no cycle parking. I have been asking about cycle parking since I started at WBS in December 2005, and although the people I've asked have changed, the answer has always been the same, that it's in hand, and there will be a cycle parking provision. Well we've been asking for 6 years now, and this is where people are currently parking their bikes:

Cycle parking outside WBS

Cycle parking at WBS

WBS cycle parking

I discovered today that the University of Warwick has been nominated for a Times Higher Education Award for its Contribution to sustainable development.  I think this is great news, and applaud the University for its efforts in this area.  In many ways the University is very supportive of cyclists, in Scarman we're lucky enough to have shower facilities, and the University have recently rolled out the excellent Cycle to Work Scheme for staff.

Are a few sheffield stands and a roof really too much to ask, is it really such a complicated or expensive building project that it needs to be 6 years in the planning?

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