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February 13, 2006

Photo 10 – fire

A photo of my chimenia (don't know how to spell it) at home.

February 12, 2006

Photo 9 – stormy sky

This photo was taken last year when I went to Snowdonia with the Hill and Mountain Walking Club. At some point on the way up to the top of Snowdon (I think).

I was having quite a stressful time at uni at the time (nothing ever changes…) and the chance to get away and see some stunning scenery was refreshing. I think this photo is quite dramatic. Maybe could do something with it with a better camera / motivation to play around in paintshop.

February 10, 2006

Photo 8 – fun at the fair

These two photos come as a pair really. They were both taken at the RAF summer ball a couple of years ago, and they're of my Mum enjoying herself on a couple of the rides that they had!

Most of my best photos don't have people in but I think these two work really well. The first one I like the way that the background is blurred but the horse and my mum are fairly clear. The second one is priceless just because of the expression on my mum's face – I caught it just at the right moment. I wasn't sure whether to crop it to get rid of the man in the right hand side but I thought his rolling eyes sort of expression was quite funny too!

February 09, 2006

Photo 7 – happiness

This photo was taken on one of the happiest, chilled out days of my life, lying down under a tree by the river in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Was after the end of exams, a gorgeous sunny day, and I felt like nothing could ever spoil the overwhelming feeling of content that I had that day…

February 08, 2006

Photo 6 – clouds and snow

I really like this picture, although there's quite a lot going on, the snow, the trees, the hillside village, and the cloud filled valley with other mountains the other side of it.

Unfortunately my internet at home is broken at the moment so perhaps not so much blogging, as I had to transfer the pic to my flash drive to do it on campus. Apparently there's a problem with the network in my house :-( there's a little yellow triangle with an exclaimation mark in it where the network connection picture is in the bottom right hand corner. Booooo…

February 06, 2006

Photo 6 – solitude

Taken in Switzerland, when I went to see my parents this weekend.

I wanted to capture the peacefulness and time for reflection that you can have in such a beautiful place.

Took lots of great photos this weekend, mainly scenary / landscape, so watch out for some more in the next few days!

February 02, 2006

Photo 5 – rose

This was taken using the "macro" mode on my camera, which I think has done a pretty good job for a small digital camera! It doesn't look as clear on here because of the resizing.

I like being given flowers so tried to capture the rose…. the main focus is the middle of the flower and the outside petals kind of draw the eye into the middle.

The only annoying thing is I wish that I'd taken it against a plain black background. And also is interesting to see what happens with a bit of cropping – the photo becomes a lot different:

February 01, 2006

Photo 4 – autumn

I took this photo in first year, its the lake behind Old Rootes on the way to Gibbet Hill. The colours of the leaves that Autumn were amazing and I wanted to capture the colours along with the stillness of the lake.

I really like this photo, but not really sure why as it doesn't seem to have a focus point but i like the way the sun is coming through the tree anyway!

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