May 06, 2006

The exam monster

The exam monster is actually a big bogey

May 05, 2006

question 17–20

17.Moos, R., & Swindle, R. (1990). Stressful life circumstances: Concepts and measures. Stress Medicine.
•The authors suggest that stress and coping theory will contribute more to research and clinical practice when stressful circumstances are conceptualized in terms of a person's life context, and assessed by examining chronic stressors and life events in specific life domains.
•type 2 diabetes,
•cardiovascular diseases,
•hypertension and

•body dissatisfaction,
• physical discomfort,
• social stigma,
• may trigger ( depression, anxiety, low self–esteem, guilt or shame)
19.Associative learning takes place when a person/animal learns to associate an external event with a change in their own internal state or a change in their behavior. In addition, a person can also learn to associate an act that they perform with some kind of reward. An example of associative learning is Pavlov’s experiment in which Pavlov conditioned dogs to begin salivating in response to a buzzer, even before they were presented with the food.
20.Associative learning can be linked to eating behaviors as an individual can learn to associate food as a reward for stressful situations or food as a coping mechanism for stress or food used as a reward for any accomplishment. On the other hand an individual can also associate food with a negative experience, which can lead to eating disorders like anorexia.

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