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November 05, 2015

BMG 08/11/15

Very very busy, lots of printer queries, lots of photocopying help and I had to re-organise the furniture so we could accommodate everyone… I lent out a calculator and a highlighter and lots of pencils! Questions about PAT on the 19th. Cleaned the whiteboards. We had a delivery of white board erasers, distributed between all the boards.

Over to Emma.


November 04, 2015


lots of people using the space until around 6pm, lots of re-shelving to do around this time as people were leaving. Lost memory stick, i’ve emailed the owner and it is in the top draw if they come to collect it. Rather a few hot food eaters today! I made a sign but couldn’t find blu tack to stick it up.

Rach – would you please me able to send me the pictures we took on the training day or pop them in the H Drive (if they are there already I cant find them) desperately want to change my picture on the slides haha!


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