November 27, 2004


Writing about Radio killed the blog star from Dan Lawrence's Blog

Nothing really to do with the reference, but it needs seeing. So read it people- Dan is a nice person.

Anyway, long time (again) since my last visit to these shores of blogland, I can't remember what I've done since then: been to wetherspoons for curry a few times, been to a monday-night colly for the first time, and been involved with volunteering to name but a few things, but now as term ends I don't have much to look forward to. Going to Wing Wah (chinese buffer in Tile-Hill) on thursday as a christmas-meal with lots of people, might be going ice-skating tomorrow, who knows, but then boringness over christmas hols when everyone has gone home, then I'll go home and have nothing to do for a few weeks before home-people get back from uni, and then will probably just go out to the same boring pub as always. There's not even the Mooney Suzuki gig(s) (I was going to see them at the colly in cov, and then maybe again in Manc when I went home) as they cancelled. But there is the Futureheads gig on the first monday after term finishes, which should be excellent.
Then I'm going to see them (again!), with Bloc Party (again!), the Kaiser Chiefs, and The Killers (again!) as they're all doing the NME tour in january. £17 for four bands, each of which I'd pay at least a tenner to see individually. Bargain.
I should be finishing off my progress report now, it's nearly done but not quite and I want to hand it in tomorrow [plug]when I go in to uni to do the radio show[/plug], and I might be going to a party soon. Bus to leam is at 9:15, so I should decide soon. I'm sure it will be fun, but I'm just really lethargic and apathetic at the moment- no will to do or care about anything (especially work).
reading back over this, I realise just how random and disorganised my writing is. This is why you should always plan essays children, or you'll end up writing like me
Think that's all.

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  1. Excellent, come back to blog land more regularly we enjoy your visits. I think we should celebrate in our house with a tree and everything.

    We'll send John out to cut one down.

    27 Nov 2004, 20:59

  2. Hey did you go to the futureheads gig? I thought it was great, good energy and good set – perfect!

    08 Dec 2004, 00:46

  3. Yes, I did (see yesterday's entry!), and it was indeed great, the crowd making it even more so. It always pleases me to know that other Warwick people are making the most of Birmingham, to any fresher out there who think it's a big scary place that's impossible to get to: it takes just over 20 minutes on the train to New Street station, and the academy is about a 2 minute walk from there, you have no excuse!

    08 Dec 2004, 01:19

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