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December 04, 2004


Anyone with ITV3 may have noticed that Saturday afternoons mean Cadfael. For anyone who has never heard of this wondefulness, it is a TV program (based on a series of books) about a monk, who solves murders (not to be confused with the TV series entitled "Monk", which isn't anything to do with monks at all). It's set in 13th Century Shrewsbury (well, medieval anyway) and stars Derek Jacobi as the title-role, and is well worth watching if you have nothing better to do.
The point of this entry, though, was to highlight just one line from today's episode, at which I laughed an awful lot:
Imagine the scene, Cadfael has just found a dead body, with an arrow protruding from the guy's chest, when one of his monk-friends says to the villagers (paraphrasing…):
"See, this is what happens to those who don't follow God's wishes, he will smite you down from heaven"
to which Cadfael responds, without even a moment's hesitation

"This arrow didn't come from heaven, just look at the angle".

Pure brilliance from the writing-team if ever I saw it, and Jacobi executed the line wonderously. And everyone should tune in next week, in fact this program alone is a reason to get Freeview, if strange films about love and dogs in mexico (Amorres Perros, ob BBC4 last night) weren't enough of an incentive.

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