September 13, 2013

September 12th: Finally Sushi

So I managed to get sushi today! For not quite the right reasons. I'd neglected to make a packed lunch so had to go seek some. Anyway, this is supposed to be about work and stuff.


I did more thermal mapping!

Found more tariffs!

Estimated more weekly energy usage!

Corrected lots of what I had originally done!

It's enthralling stuff to listen to. I hear they're making a BBC Four documentary on my internship alone.

Occasionally it gets a bit slow going, so for motivation I have a running total of optimistic potential cost savings per year. Currently it's a tidy five-figure sum, and that's just from things like "The electric meter readings suggest that they're not open on weekends, but the heating appears to turn on anyway. We could turn it off to save 400kWh/week!" and there we have another £40/week / £2000/year saved. Potentially.

All these things will require context, naturally. Many a building will find its story to be completely different, with energy I thought wasted fully useful, and other things I was unaware of being savable. As exciting as being the scourge of book-groups is, I'm really learning the limits of what can be done from a desk with internet access and copious amounts of data.


I'll stop shouting in this blog post. Next is hopefully some pretty cool stuff. Tomorrow I'll find yet another way to say "Spreadsheets are fun and fulfilling!" (a fantastically realistic workplace experience, honestly...though it is satisfying looking at everything I've done so far), but next week should involve some good energy auditing type stuff, if the grapevine holds its salt. I'm pretty sure I mixed idioms there, but you get the point.

I also overheard someone saying my audit stuff from last week "went live", so here's hoping it sees use and people respond to it!

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