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January 22, 2007

Jade Goody Gone, C4 going – Youuu Deciiiiiide

Jade Goody Gone - good.

She's got the kind of face you'd like to smack repeatedly with a frying pan, accompanied with comedy sound effects of course.

I was beginning to think there were more z-list celebs and half-wits actually on TV than people watching it.

The latest developments at C4 may slow the trend down, but ultimately we are moving from a broadcast world to a podcast world. Everyone can now make a movie, and there will be a small niche market that will want to watch it. I believe the popular description is the "Long Tail".  The size of niche markets under the long tail can be just as big as the traditional mass market. This is because the long tail practically extends to infinity, and the internet makes it possible for any possible viewer under the long tail to see your movie.

This principle is very important for businesses trading on the internet. Businesses can cost effectively market niche products to all the customers under the long tail, rather than target the mass markets where there may be more competition. The trick is to let them find you - easily.

The project I work on here at the West Midlands Collaborative Commerce Marketplace provides free assistance to qualifying companies to help them be discovered.

Good luck with your movies!

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