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October 30, 2009

WMG MSc Project Fest for Young Scientists

Writing about web page

With a record number of MSc students this year I have published a range of projects across several disciplines – eBusiness, Project Management, Supply Chain & Logistics, Engineering Business Management, and Digital Manufacturing.

Here is the list which I hoped would appeal:

  1. Comparison of on-line marketing using Google and Yahoo
  2. Is it possible to manage a business / engineering company with free / low cost software?
  3. Using Twitter to launch a new product
  4. Using Social Networking to encourange & manage collaborative projects
  5. Using CRM or ERP software to manage operations and logistics in a SME / Engineering company
  6. Best practice for Projects, Supply Chain and Logistics in the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games
  7. Web based user interface / dashboard to manage logistics and operational control within Healthcare
  8. What is the best Web Content Management System?
  9. What is the best Shopping Cart for today’s e-Commerce requirements
  10. Improving web-site design using eye tracking / mapping analysis
  11. New desktop technology to improve file, document, and Enterprise Content Management productivity
  12. Scientific testing of the Isaiah Effect in Internet Marketing

Well I guess it worked. 37 interview requests. 10 Interviews. 8 Applications. I now just need to decide who to accept. I wish I could accept them all.

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