April 25, 2007

Get Paid to Give up Smoking?

I see firms are being urged to give workers paid time off to attend NHS Stop Smoking Clinics. Smokers already get paid time off for smoking. Over an hour a day by my reckoning. As smokers spend around £6 a pack, they probably do need the financial assistance, but surely they can invest their own time to kick the habit. The £2000 a year they save should be a big enough incentive, not to mention staying out of hospital and living a few extra years.

What next ? We have already been asked to donate our taxes to the Unemployed so they can buy [new] shoes and a suit. I am sure they head straight from the Job Centre to the nearest pub at opening time. Perhaps Wetherspoons will welcome the improvement in dress code, as much as the smoking ban on 1st July.

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  1. Does this mean us non-smokers should get time off to help us prepare for our nicotine-withdrawn colleagues?

    25 Apr 2007, 17:08

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