January 04, 2010

Beautiful Girl Wins Ukraine's Got Talent with Microsoft Surface

Writing about web page http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=vOhf3OvRXKg

Before you get too stressed about returning to work in 2010, take 10 minutes to watch this beautiful talent (8 and a bit minutes for the video, and about a minute to wipe away any tears without anyone seeing !).

It's Kseniya Simonova, 24, who won the Ukraine's Got Talent top prize equivalent to £75,000, with this innovative use of a Microsoft Surface.

I think she must have been inspired as a child with an Etch-a-Sketch, and a few years later, appeared as an extra in The Minority Report.

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  1. Ben Reierson

    Umm, pretty sure this is just sand painting on a back-lit table. What makes you think it’s a Micorsoft Surface, or a computer of any kind? I agree it’s awesome, but people have been doing this long before Surface came around.

    It would be pretty cool to see someone try to create a sand-painting Surface program, but it would be extremely difficult. These people are as good as they are because of hundreds of hours of practice. They rely heavily on knowing exactly how the sand will physically feel and respond. Plus there is a lot of picking up sand and drizzling it on the table, which would be really tough to replicate digitally.

    04 Jan 2010, 18:45

  2. evision


    10 Mar 2010, 08:30

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