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August 31, 2007

Presentations – Plan, Prepare, Practice

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All the dissertations have been submitted (have they not), so its time to relax for a while, and then get ready for exams and presentation to your assessors. If you have seen a Steve Job's Apple Product Launch or Keynote speech, it looks really easy and effortless. But of course, to create that impression, it depends on Planning, Preparation, and Practice, and more Practice.

I thought these presentations may inspire you while you prepare, although of course you won't be able to use this many slides in your deck ;-)  

Great Presentation about Identity 2.0

.... or have a look at this view of our changing world ... or these wise words on presentation style.

If you cant see the above presentations, take a look at

Grant's Rant 2007

London 2012 Olympic Tenders | Waste Management Services

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Today the ODA also called for:

.... expressions of interest for the procurement of an operator to provide a waste management service for the Olympic Park. The service will comprise detailed design, construction and ongoing maintenance of a waste management service for venues and locations within the Olympic Park boundary.

So currently on the Ready for Business site we have 10 live tenders running. In addition, 74 other Olympic tender notices have been published to date, which is pretty good considering we are still just under five years away from the big event. But just to get it in perspective, compare that to the rest of the tender notices we have managed here at WMCCM ( It's a massive 40,000 a year!

Grant' Rant | Twenti Twelve Tenders 2007

London 2012 Olympic Tender | Temporary Utilities Package

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After my holidays, its back to the serious business of Twenti Twelve Tenders.  The Olympic Delivery Authority has been busy while I was away. Here is the latest tender.

The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) invites expressions of interest for the procurement of temporary utilities during the construction of permanent and temporary venues in the Olympic Park. It will be in accordance with the ODA design schemes and ODA protocol and will include the following: temporary electrical power, temporary potable water, temporary non-potable water, and temporary foul and waste water discharge. 

Further details on the Ready for Business site and on

Grant's Rant | Twenti Twelve Tenders 2007

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