November 30, 2009

A Groovy Move

Its been a while, but I'm back.  The blog will now be updated a little more frequently, and be a blend of work and non-work stuff.  In particular, I intend to comment (slightly humorously, I hope) on examples of good and bad quality as I encounter them.  Read on for episode 1...

So, we moved house over the summer. Why do the normal rules of politeness and reasonableness seem to go out of the window during this process? Why, for instance, did our purchasers insist that the only day they could possibly move as the middle of our week’s holiday in Wales? A moment later, they assured us, and they would spontaneously combust. We broke the holiday. Our children cried. We came back. We moved out. They moved in. Approximately 1 month later.

Add to this the news that our new house had a kitchen extension with a roof made of gingerbread, or something, which would entail us paying some cheerful but borderline incompetent builders to pop round most days for a month, drinking our tea and criticising our biscuits and our joy was complete.

The one bright spot in the perfect storm of minor irritations, purchaser skulduggery and general mean-spiritedness associated with all dealings with our fellow human beings in general, and house buying in particular, came from a rather unexpected source.

When my wife suggested we get a quote from a removal firm called ‘Groovy Movers’ I have to say I was sceptical. For some reason it conjured images of Shaggy and Scooby making mile-high sandwiches in our kitchen while we piled our own stuff in the back of the Mystery Machine. Possibly harassed by some form of fake supernatural being. Or maybe a bunch of aging hippies gyrating their way to the van to a 70’s soul/funk backing track whilst carrying various of our household nick-knacks. Actually I quite liked that idea.

The weird thing about ‘Groovy Movers’ is that they actually made the process of moving an absolute joy. Yes, you read that right, “a joy”, not tolerable or minimally irritating but an actual pleasurable experience. They brought a sense of fun to the whole (normally) sorry affair. From gently ribbing us during the (excellent) pre-packing process, to giving the kids rides on the tail-lift and performing cod feng shui on our pot-plants in the back garden, they kept us entertained the whole time - while still managing to be ruthlessly efficient in getting the job done.

For readers (yeah, like there’s more than one of you) who don’t know, I teach quality and customer service. Good examples are hard to come by, and I really wasn’t expecting to find one while moving house.  Now, if only they can get their backing track sorted out…

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