October 16, 2004

Blog as therapy? Discuss…

This blogging is not just an exercise in vanity, as I at first thought. It's actually quite therapeutic. Thinking about it whilst not blogging, it occurred to me that it matters not whether someone else reads it or looks at the photos but only that it exists at all.

A bit like the tree falling in the forest, noone in blog land can hear the catholic bear doing its business. In fact bears of any religion are enjoined to write in!

Today is shopping day, so I'm off to the Bullring to give the Plebenhams card a workout, and maybe some noodles in Selfridges for lunch. Probably could do with some supplies from CZ too…

Breakfast beckons…

Unclench and release!

Well, my first foray into the blog. I must say it didn't hurt as much as I'd been led to believe…Anyway, have just started the MA and it, too, has been relatively painless so far, but I'm sure there's some hidden element of bureaucracy that I've yet to negociate that will change my mind on that one.

Still haven't registered at Birmingham yet, and of course, all the WebCT stuff is held on the Birmingham extranet to which I won't have access until that registration is completed. Ho hum.

Have located the gaysoc here at Warwick, called Warwick Pride. Could be a laugh. There's also a motorcycle club, will have to investigate what that's about. That reminds me, after Italy the tyres are completely screwed. Will have to get a new set, pronto!

Aw, bless. My Pride & Joy. Hey you! Get a bike! The best thing I've done for ages…

My bike club

My dog Toby is coming to stay for a while soon. Can't wait to see him. The ex got custody of him, but it's probably better as you can't have a dog and work full-time. It's just not fair on Toby, bless him.

Hi Tobes!

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