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January 23, 2006


Oh how much i hate uni.
I dont mean the course i do, btw its a wonder how i keep at it despite the lacking talent of some lecturers at doing their job: from not knowing their subject, to digressing too much, to wasting 3 hrs talking nonsense when the lecture could just as easily taken 45 mins; i mean the lack of organisation that warwick it services have demonstrated yet again this year.
I thought last year they were bad, but oh no, this year they surpassed everyone's expectations. Not only does the email services work every other week on monsoon season when sea urchins emigrate, but now they managed to get yet another virus on the server and all the users' pws have been cancelled.

Fine, you say. It can happen to anyone. Yeah right.
And it happens on saturday (or so IT services told me) but they only tell you on sunday, on one website, not my insite and they do not even email people to tell them what happened. No wonder most people messed it up (their "2 chances only to open your monday morning presentation") and had to queue up today and do everything manually. And no lecturer/seminar person was flexible enough to give you more time or cut you some slack because of something that was not your fault.

On the other hand, whilst commenting on someone's presentation regarding the "mushroom industry" (and no not that kind), i incidentally pointed out the main flaws of their reccomendations/logic. 5 very embarassed and angry people; especially when the NIE backs me up….

That cheered me up.
Except i started lectures and 11 and didnt finish until 3. No lunch and a clash. Quite a full day.

Sono cose della vita.

December 01, 2005

This still makes me smile (no matter how many times i read this)

Follow-up to HAHAHAHAHAHAHA from Still Not Afraid Of The Dark


Last week saw the Warwick Women's seconds put in another enormously fluorescent performance, in a home game against Stafford. Straight from the kickoff, Warwick played quietly, baffling Stafford with a display of fluorescent resilience. Warwick's Emma 'Boz' Boswood limped intimidatingly around the opposition, entertaining Stafford's Angela Castlemaine, before passing suggestively to Emma 'Boz' Boswood. She lined up and took the shot. Stafford's goalkeeper Michelle Baileys decided she was going to take up playing croquet instead, and Warwick had scored. At half time, Warwick captain Emma 'Boz' Boswood decided she was going to take up playing 20+1 instead, whilst Winnie Sia was brought on for Clare Astbury, who claimed to be hungover. Following an awesomely hilarious foul by Stafford's Sarah Castlemaine, Harriet Husbands was substituted for Gloria Radici, who was clearly suffering from a fractured groin. The unfortunate bristler was quickly hurried to Kelsey's. Warwick's Emma 'Boz' Boswood hurtled around in circles and down the pitch, amusing Stafford's Tequila Absinthe, before passing quietly to Chris 'Foxy' Fox. She took careful aim and kicked the ball towards the goal scarier than a demented zebra. Stafford's goalkeeper Michelle Baileys wished she'd never joined the team, and Warwick had scored. The game ended with a 4-all draw. The title of Warwick woman of the match has to go to Ros Goodfellow, whose beautiful perfomance and awesome speed may one day see her cleaning toilets for Arsenal.

November 30, 2005



It was an undeniably hot day at College of Cakes's home ground last week, as Warwick's captain Emma 'Boz' Boswood led her team suggestively onto the pitch. Straight from the kickoff, Warwick were feeling careful, Daisy Christodoulou staggering intimidatingly up the wing and around the opposition faster than a bristling tiger. Throughout the following half, Warwick played a pathetic game, whilst the strange crowd kept chanting 'There's an apostrophe in the plural, you muppets!' . At half time, Warwick captain Emma 'Boz' Boswood berated her team for their undeniably beautiful play, whilst Marie Thuard was brought on for Claire McMaster, who claimed to be hungover. Following a violent collision with a goalpost, Gloria Radici was substituted for Winnie Sia, who was clearly suffering from a broken spleen. The daft little minx was immediately carried to the nearest St. Johns' Ambulance to lull the opposition into a false sense of security. Warwick's Emma 'Boz' Boswood shuffled down the pitch, distracting College of Cakes's Catherine Archers, before passing carelessly to Daisy Christodoulou. She lined up and took the shot, but College of Cakes's goalkeeper Emily Baileys palmed the ball wide. By the time the whistle was finally blown, the abstract College of Cakes had unrestrainedly humiliated Warwick, 7–3.


Last week saw an inebriated Warwick Women's seconds put in another rabid performance, in a home game against College of Cakes. Straight from the kickoff, Warwick were feeling hungover, Harriet Husbands crawling suggestively around the opposition angrier than a fluorescent tiger. College of Cakes's Angela Castlemaine had to restrain Daisy Christodoulou when she snapped, and started trying to rip College of Cakes's Michelle Purple's arms off. Half time came, and Warwick captain Emma 'Boz' Boswood stopped for a drink, whilst Claire McMaster was substituted for Gloria Radici, who claimed to be drunk. Shortly afterwards, play was disrupted briefly, when Warwick's Eleanor Black ascended into heaven. Warwick's Emma 'Boz' Boswood checked their insurance, and the game proceeded. At the end of the game, Warwick had thrashed a muddy College of Cakes side 7–2. This week's woman of the match was Ros Goodfellow, whose lazy perfomance and rabid impropriety may one day see her legally representing Warwickshire.

November 27, 2005


Im ill today and it doesnt look like it will get better anytime soon.
And to make it worse, every where i know has snow, except for here.
Where is the logic in that.
Messages of best wishes welcome.

Or any mesages at all for that matter, it doesnt look like i'll be leaving the house today.

November 16, 2005

My day

I think i did alot today, and i feel happy about finally being organised and doing all the things i've put off for ages.
Got up at 7:03, got bus, met dan, had lecture on ethics, went for coffee with jo, went to seminar, got bus back with emma, finally paid my deposit on the flat, went to the doctors, went to tesco, got my inkcartrige refilled, bought a necklace for £1, went to shop for bags, saw great bag in house of fraiser, saw even more amazing chloe tan leather paddington bag on ebay for way too much money, went back to see great bag, met matt for tea for too little time, watched neighbourghs, filled in application, had dinner, saw lost, showered and now i will go to bed.

"You want love, we'll make it,
swim in a deep sea of blankets,
take all your big plans and break them
this is bound to be a while…

Your body is wonderland

I know you're mine all mine all mine,
but you look so good it hurts sometimes".

November 06, 2005

My Super Hero Name and My Hidden Talent

Your Superhero Profile

Your Superhero Name is The Crimson Platypus

Your Superpower is Kissing

Your Weakness is Sailors

Your Weapon is Your Wind Crowbar

Your Mode of Transportation is Llama

OMG how right they were. Althought i would have preferred a duck as a method of transportation, but i guess beggars cant be chosers.

Your Hidden Talent

You have the power to persuade and influence others.

You're the type of person who can turn a whole room around.

The potential for great leadership is there, as long as you don't abuse it.

Always remember, you have a lot more power over people than you might think!

Recently i think that the things that you want to achieve are actually achievable. And that is a frightening thought. Where is the world in which the things that you want you dont get? When did it get so easy?
All you have to do is fill out an application and wait.

November 05, 2005


Here is a list of words that make perfect sense, and yet, somehow, are not in the dictionary! Feel free to add on to the list:

  1. Fantafluffy (i have to thank niamh for that)
  2. Moo
  3. yay (im sure thats not in the dictionary
  4. tifate (its a mix between italian and english, meaning to support a team)
  5. blrugh the vampire, always a good one to have

… to be continued…

September 27, 2005

A is for apple…

I just thought i should update this page a little bit:

Summer highlights:

– breglia
– lago di como
– gayan and chandra
– not paying for lunch!
– cornwall
– dilly and bean
– plymouth
– pretending to jog
– foooood!
– driving on the wrong side of the road
– shopping
– my non ipod
– the sun!
– surpirse trip to france!!
– not finishing my book
– starting and finishing Harry potter
my boyfriend!! Tiamo.

May 08, 2005

Sacroiliac Strain

I just talked with Matt's dad who is a GP and via phone (it was an amusing interview i must admit!) i was diagnosed with having a Sacroiliac Strain. Essentially a strain of the lower back which hurts like hell and doent let me sit down or move like i move!

Obviously not deadly and apparently common in girls, or so the GP said. Damn me! Being the weaker sex i once again inflict pain upon myself. And there is very little i can do.

Sacroiliac strain is described by a painful stretching of the ligaments about the sacroiliac joint; bending, lifting, and hyperextension of this joint are motions capable of producing a torsion strain resulting in the clinical presentation of an acute onset with tenderness over the joint, accentuated by palpation.

Strain of this joint may be favored by the soft tissue hormone softening effects of pregnancy, by lifestyle, or occupational performance of long periods of bending and lifting. Especially when these activities are performed in a manner not characteristic of proper spinal biomechanical conduct, strain is apt to occur.

The article then goes on to say i have to have long and complicated treatments. All im really worried about is being able to sit down for more than 5 minutes wiuthout needing to stand up bceause of the pain. How am i going to manage in the exam room? Sitting down for 3 hrs strainght??? Not a chance!

I must avoid: exercises that strain the strain (huh?), bending it in weird and complicated ways, any type of pain!

I must do: excercises to help my back, stretches that strengthen my lower back and the sacroiliac muscle, gentle exercises.


March 28, 2005

Donkeys and camels and ducks: Blame Els.

Now, for some strange reason, and… blame Els for this, all of the above animals have secretly gathered and are, as we speak, plotting my death… or at least to harm me…

What possessed Els to say this is beyond me…. i love camels

i even keep two in the garden, along with the frogs and bats.

Also i have two pet peeves.. yes not one… but two. In my kitchen. I feed them cup-a-soups…

I dont know why they want to harm me…. blaming it on the fact im foreign seems too easy… doesnt it…?

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