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January 27, 2006

Officially Tagged

Oh no i've been tagged by the IT services…
and i ask:

  1. Is it dangerous?
  2. Is it contageous?
  3. And its is serious?
  4. Am i in danger?
  5. Where do i run!?!??!


January 24, 2006

The weather

Today in Leamington spa:

@ 18:00 Feels Like -1C

@ 21:00 Feels Like -2C

@ 24:00 Feels Like -3C

@ 3:00 Feels Like -6C

@ 6:00 Feels Like -5C

@ 9:00 Feels Like -4C

Football is going to be very cold.

As taken from link

November 08, 2005

A little bit more about the sad me

Follow-up to A little bit about me from Still Not Afraid Of The Dark

> >1) Full Name: Gloria Radici
> >2) Birthdate: 16/06/85
> >3) Zodiac Sign: Gemini
> >4) What did you do today?: So far?, i went to somerfield and called my dad and a sitting at the pc sulking because food wont just make itself..
>5) What time is it?: 12:39
> >Last person who…
> >6) …called you was?: matt i think
> >7) …slept in your bed was?: umm…me, or maybe not
> >8) …saw you cry was?: last time someone saw me cry was probably last year, and again, matt
> >9) …made you cry was?: life in general
10) …spent the night at your house was?: maaaatt (this could get repetitive), you dont count my housemates, right?
> >11) …you shared a drink with was? shared a drink? i never share drinks, they just get taken away from me for some reason when im not looking
> >12) …you went to the movies with was?: amy last week, or before!
> >13) …you went to the mall with was?: oh sunday.
14) Yelled at you was?: er… niamh.. :(
15) Sent you an e-mail: boz
> >16) …said they were gonna kill you was?:
Eminem…..oh wait, but I guess on the CD he isn't specifically talking to me is he?

>Have you ever…
> >17) …taken a picture of yourself with a milk mustache and sent it to the milk people?: No, I have a life
> >18) …said "I love you!" and not mean it?: i have never said that.
> >19) …gotten into a fight with your dog/cat/bird/fish/etc?: Well I once tried to pull my cats tail. and now shes dead. Im sure there is a moral to that story
> >20) …been to New York?: noo
> >21) …been to Florida: no
> >22) …been to California?: Nope, I haven't, but I
hope to go and study there later on in life
> >23) …been to Hawaii?: No, but I'd like to
> >24) …been to Mexico?: bloody hell, its like ive never been anywhere
25) …been to China?: Why would I go there?
> >25) …danced naked?: probably
> >26) …stalked someone?: I wouldn't exactly call it stalking…lol
> >27) …had a mud bath?: Hey…that's a good idea!
>28) …wished you were the opposite sex: Yep!
definetely! Men have it so much easier! I wanna
scratch my balls, burp, fart and laze around all day!
>29) …had an imaginary friend?: Yes, when I was younger! And he was the bestest imaginary friend in the world, such a great listener!
> >
> >Some more questions!
> >30) What time is it now?: 12:46
> >31) Apples or bananas?: Bananas!!
> >32) Red or blue?: most definitely blue
> >33) Backstreet Boys or N Sync?: *chokes at the
mention of 'them'* WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM!!!!!!!!
> >34) Wal-Mart or Target?: er..
> >36) Spring or Fall?: Spring cuz its my b day in
> >39) Math or English?: english, way easier to make up stuff in
> >40) What time is it now?: 12:46 (why do u always
ask this???)
> >41) What are you going to do after you take this
> >survey? have lunch and watch neighbours and go to lectures and go to cats birthday and go home and sleep.
> >42) What was the last meal you ate?: er… breakfast
> >43) High school or college?: UNIVERSITY
> >45) How many of your buddies are online? I dunno, I
haven't logged on to messenger
> >46) Last movie you watched?: CHASING AMY
> >47) Last noise you heard?: someone in the kitchen>
> >Which one of your friends…
> >48) …laughs the weirdest?: er… niamh
> >49) …will grow up and be a model?: All of them,
you girls are all gorgeous!..unless you dont grow
> >50) …is going to have the most kids? Alex, he wants 23 from rachael stevens
> >51) …have you known the longest?: ana, and ettore >52) …knows you the best?: few people do now.a.days
> >53) …is the loudest?: anyone in the football team
> >54) …is the quietest?: Ana probably but she still
> >55) …do you have the most classes with? no one.

> >57) What was the last birthday party you went to?: Alex's and cats
> >58) When was the last time you went out of state?:
one week ago
> >59) What's your lucky number?:6, for some reason
it usually brings me good luck like on sports shirts and stuff like that
> >60) What time is it now?: 12:51. i am sad.

November 07, 2005

A little bit about me

1. Whose thoughts would you most like to read? Sometimes, people i was talking to, just to know if they are actually listening.

2. What have you lost that you'd most like to retrieve? One earing i lost coming back from Greece, now i only have one.

3. What's your favourite red thing? My bikini

4. What are some things that irritate you? People asking me questions, one after the other like: "Whatdidyoudothisweekend?Wasitgood?Doyouhavetheseminarsheetiaskedyoutobringlastweek?Doesyoucatlikemilk?Isittruethatcowscantelltheweather?"

5. What's your favourite boy's name? Alessandro.
Girl's name? Francesca

6. What's on the walls in your room? Artistic framed flower cards. Why? Because i put them there.

7. Name a CD you own that's a guilty pleasure (one you adore, but pretend not to for fear of irreversible negative social consequences). Guilty pleasures?er…mariah carey. Why do you like it? Because she was amazing, and then she took her clothes off..

8. What item of your friends' would you most like to have for your own? Item? as in not body part? Probably a pair of shoes. otherwise emmas boobs! em!

9. Where will you be in five year's time? Somewhere else in the world, still getting to know myself.

10. What one thing would you most like to accomplish with your life? Feel appreciated and finally belong somewhere.

11. What's your favourite scary movie? Im not a fan of scary movies. Unless its a good excuse to get close to someone.

12. Who's funnier, Jim Carrey or Bill Murray? Jim carrey!!!

13. Have you ever been in a school play? Billions of times. Was it good? Were you good? well, duh!

14. What's the furthest place you've ever travelled to? South virginia from milan. Unless you count all in one go, and that took like 2 days to get from milan to lisbon by car.

15. Have you ever won a trophy? What for? For singing.

16. Name a book you'd recommend to a friend. Why? The alchemist, because it is true, the power of love and belief can take you anywhere.

17. What's the stupidest thing you've ever done? And you're limiting it to one? got in a car with strangers, driven a scooter in 4, been really drunk (amazingly drunk by the ocean rocks). Stolen a toilet.

18. What's your favourite cartoon? Why? The smurfs, the snorkels, lady lovely locks, Holly & Benji! Oh my childhood. Ohoh my little pony.

19. Which animal do you most resemble in appearance and habit? I dont know, probably a cat.

20. What mesmerises you? Season, songs, the sky.

21. Name something about yourself that people don't expect. I had a fling with a u.s. sailor and he even told me that they were keeping an eye on Bin Laden before 9/11 about a month before it happened!

22. What's your favourite place on campus? Why? The arts center, thats where i go to hide from the world.

23. What everyday item is the most well designed? (Fit for purpose and aesthetically pleasing.) The lamp, it does what it says. It gives light.

24. What's your favourite time of day? Why? Early morning when people are asleep.

25. What is the best thing you have done in a seminar? Listen to a postgrad argue with my friend jo, and lose!

26. What is the best moment you have had in a lecture? When they didnt show up.

27. What was your biggest mistake in your first year? Think i could run a society that i didnt truly feel part of.

November 04, 2005

Wednesday night and Friday night

Im definately feeling happier tonight after training. I know, i know, but sometimes i feel lazy and even the thought of training feels daunting, even intimidating.

Training was good (not me so much) and i managed to hurt my foot yet again. But i can honestly say that at least our captain keeps us in good spirits, and really does help, the whole session is happier. It helps not feeling useless and feels good.

I also have to mention the greatest social i went to on wednesday, it was awesome, thankx winnie and foxy you really make it super! And helen and malin and claire. We rule. Apart from the 23974669 billion drinks we had to drink in one glass, but we gave holly the best present ever.

A toilet!

In a trolley! With balloons!!

Great job every one. And Score was good, not as scary as i thought it would have been, mostly top b really. And i have to complain about the mens hockey as they were very rude. Not even worth it.

Am i missing anything else out from the night? Well probably...
Football is good.
Happy birthday hol!

ps. thankx for remembering me and taking me to the bus!! :D

April 29, 2005

Owwww… cocktails and the rest

Owww my stomach seems a good start to tonights blog…

Yes it hurts, and i normally stomach cocktails. But i had nothing to eat (well i lie, ,i had 2 portions of strawberries)

But at bar 44 the cocktails are so nice that you cannot avoid them, especially if they are £2 each! And yes i know els is eternally banned from the place but theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeir looooovely!

Some of my favorite cocktails are:
White satin
Mr and Mrs
Sex on the Beach

Ohhh i love cocktails

Owww my stomach now

November 08, 2004

Bringing a child into this world

I was walking up clemens street this morning and thinking

i really am not able to raise a child. No matter how one might want one, there really isnt anyway that i could be ready to raise a normal child…without it having problems

I mean not now. Not at this age… not being a student. Not now, not now that i am just growing up, seeing the world and getting to know myself. Not like this, with the resources i have now.

This i was thinking.

I have trouble deciding what i want to do on the weekend, what train to take, how to write an assignment; parents are meant to know things. They are meant to be the stable figures in a childs life to guide them, take care of them, help them and love them,

I know i could raise a child, i am physically able to do so,but i couldnt raise it according to "my standards". I couldnt be there for him/her to provide constant certainty and support. To help him/her grow as they should.

This thought therefore scared me. I would like to have a child but there is no way i know what i will be doing in a year or two, so what would be the point of bringing a child into this world if i cant provide for it?

Which makes me thing, how aware of the possibilities and support are young parents, how aware are they of the impact they will have on their children?

I was thinking.

October 17, 2004

h4. If its not what you are made of

There are some things in life around you that you just don't accept.

Im talking about the real things, the things that really matter, that you know you do not want anything to do with; some people would link this to expectations, ethics, decency, foundations of life or general experience.
If what you are facing does not meet certain standards of you life, your rules or your hopes then you, hopefully, decide that you dont want anything to do with it.

Why do we settle for less?

This can be staying in a friendship that is only bringing you anguish, staying with someone who only brings you unhappiness, lover, family member, house mate.
Why do we decide to stick with one mix of ingredients in our daily routine, when we really know we are missing the x-factor?

Are we simply afraid of the unknown, of what is over the other side, around the corner, our neighbours garden?
Im starting to think that really is it. We are simply afraid of what we dont know, or just dont what we could have. As in more.

Just know this, if you are unhappy in the situation you find yourself in, you dont have to stay there. You can change, move on, move out, clear off, bugger off, run away from what you are currently dealing with.
Yeah, tell that to someone who still doesnt believe you,has no confidence, or simply afraid..

"They" should make a instructions booklet for difficult situations.

Im still waiting until Prentice Hall decide to get a move on…

Or or… i know, how about deciding what and when to eat. What to wear when you go out. How to know if its going to rain outside or not. Whether or not to buy extra toilet paper for the house when you go by a shop, knowing just how stupid you will look when you walk back home…

If its not what you are made of, dont let me use you for cleaning…

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