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November 11, 2004

Off to Mirage now

Ah im going out to mirage now, finally after i dont know how long. After a memorable incident which included having to drive me back home by taxi from Mirage!!!

And yes….its quite funny…..

now… not then…..

November 08, 2004

How long do you leave it?

If two people arent speaking to each other, I was just wondering how long do you leave it until you make the first move to make things alright again?

Does anyone know?

Bringing a child into this world

I was walking up clemens street this morning and thinking

i really am not able to raise a child. No matter how one might want one, there really isnt anyway that i could be ready to raise a normal child…without it having problems

I mean not now. Not at this age… not being a student. Not now, not now that i am just growing up, seeing the world and getting to know myself. Not like this, with the resources i have now.

This i was thinking.

I have trouble deciding what i want to do on the weekend, what train to take, how to write an assignment; parents are meant to know things. They are meant to be the stable figures in a childs life to guide them, take care of them, help them and love them,

I know i could raise a child, i am physically able to do so,but i couldnt raise it according to "my standards". I couldnt be there for him/her to provide constant certainty and support. To help him/her grow as they should.

This thought therefore scared me. I would like to have a child but there is no way i know what i will be doing in a year or two, so what would be the point of bringing a child into this world if i cant provide for it?

Which makes me thing, how aware of the possibilities and support are young parents, how aware are they of the impact they will have on their children?

I was thinking.

November 01, 2004

Where do the pennies go?

Latest piece of news, from planet Gloria, in the galaxy of maybes and sleep:

Ive just joined the football club, the womens football club.

And i already spent over 55 for it, in one night! Bloody hell.

Not to mention i spent over 100 today in total, for having bought a book from the bookshop, and a concert ticket to go see Beverly Knight next week.

Where do the pennies go in this place?

Winning £85 at pub quiz! Rulers of all

I have the coolest entry to make at this hour of the night

Ive just come back from a night out with somefriends in leam. The plan was to go to a pub quiz at "baroque" in north leam, have a few drinks and maybe go out for some curry afterwards.

Well, that was the plan anyways.

I found out that on my team, composed of Matt, Nick, Nick, Chris, Alex and myself, Matt and Chris were mostly the brains of the evening.
It was so amazing! IT was like we knew (as a group) the most answers out of the whol pub! We were amazing!

Music, fire, general knowledge, films – we knew them all! No, really all of them.

Turns out Matt got really really tense and emotional just before winner was announced, around number 5.

And baby: WE WON THE PRIZE!!!! *WE WON THE PUB QUIZ!* WE WON THE 85 AS FIRST PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Of course my contribution to The new title of Bridget Jones, the edge of reason, and King Kong, AND FENCING! was crucial!

We won at 70 points, well above the 2nd runner up at 66 or something!

We rule!

And then with the money we all went out to celebrate at the really good Paprika curry house! wow! What a night!

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