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January 27, 2006

Officially Tagged

Oh no i've been tagged by the IT services…
and i ask:

  1. Is it dangerous?
  2. Is it contageous?
  3. And its is serious?
  4. Am i in danger?
  5. Where do i run!?!??!


January 24, 2006

The weather

Today in Leamington spa:

@ 18:00 Feels Like -1C

@ 21:00 Feels Like -2C

@ 24:00 Feels Like -3C

@ 3:00 Feels Like -6C

@ 6:00 Feels Like -5C

@ 9:00 Feels Like -4C

Football is going to be very cold.

As taken from link

January 23, 2006


Oh how much i hate uni.
I dont mean the course i do, btw its a wonder how i keep at it despite the lacking talent of some lecturers at doing their job: from not knowing their subject, to digressing too much, to wasting 3 hrs talking nonsense when the lecture could just as easily taken 45 mins; i mean the lack of organisation that warwick it services have demonstrated yet again this year.
I thought last year they were bad, but oh no, this year they surpassed everyone's expectations. Not only does the email services work every other week on monsoon season when sea urchins emigrate, but now they managed to get yet another virus on the server and all the users' pws have been cancelled.

Fine, you say. It can happen to anyone. Yeah right.
And it happens on saturday (or so IT services told me) but they only tell you on sunday, on one website, not my insite and they do not even email people to tell them what happened. No wonder most people messed it up (their "2 chances only to open your monday morning presentation") and had to queue up today and do everything manually. And no lecturer/seminar person was flexible enough to give you more time or cut you some slack because of something that was not your fault.

On the other hand, whilst commenting on someone's presentation regarding the "mushroom industry" (and no not that kind), i incidentally pointed out the main flaws of their reccomendations/logic. 5 very embarassed and angry people; especially when the NIE backs me up….

That cheered me up.
Except i started lectures and 11 and didnt finish until 3. No lunch and a clash. Quite a full day.

Sono cose della vita.

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